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Episode #298

Stephen Cabral: How to Actually Heal & Get Your Life Back from Autoimmune, Lyme, MCAS, Metals & Beyond

Today I am honored and thrilled to have the incredible functional medicine doctor & best-selling author Dr. Stephen Cabral on the show talking all things HEALING from autoimmune conditions and beyond. I love his empowering approach to healing dis-ease, heavy metals, mast cell issues, and the rest of the tricky mystery illnesses we deal with today.

I was also honored to do the testing with Dr. Cabral myself and get a comprehensive panel shared with me in this episode. As always, I hope it can help you find more healing in your life and find your own root causes of imbalances and pain!

Here are just a few topics we cover in today’s conversation:

The new model of health & disease How to address the root cause of health imbalances How to move beyond bloodwork and do at-home lab tests to find out what is really plaguing YOU vs. the guesswork of trying to figure it out by trial & error What is a hair analysis, anyway?! How to read your own labs and empower yourself What the different outcomes of your lab work may mean (metals, histamines, toxins, etc.) My individual lab reading & recommendations (so lucky to get this info from him!!!) A deep dive on naturopathic medicine  Our special community offer!

Visit to claim your FREE Minerals & Metals At-Home Lab test.

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Dr. Cabrals website: to claim your FREE Minerals & Metals At-Home Lab test

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