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Episode #301

Jeannette Aranda of Shut the Kale Up on Divorce, Infidelity, Healing, Motherhood & The Path Forward

What a dream it was to have my dear friend Jeannette Aranda back on the show, a full six years after her first appearance on TBB (TO THE DAY — you cannot make it up), and for her third time chatting here on Soul on Fire. Today’s convo was extra special and vulnerable, because we are touching base after all that Jeannette has been through in the last year and a half.

I want to commend Jeannette on her wildly powerful healing journey, her strength for her boys, and her rock solid vulnerability with her audience and with us today on the podcast. I really feel it is not often that we come across people as authentic, confident and true to themselves as Jeannette and I feel honored that she was open to coming on the show to talk about her path forward, even though there are still such hard days.

I personally am so inspired by her on a daily basis, and not just as a friend but as an avid consumer of her content and a forever fan, I was super thankful to be on the mic with her. I adore this human and I hope that you all enjoy this raw conversation. Please forgive me for any “f**k him” content that I said (LOL), but someone had to say it… because she is a class act and would absolutely never! I love that about her.

Go follow her on @shutthekaleup, support her incredible collaborations and launches, and tell her what you thought of this episode.

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