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Episode #300

My Husband Interviews Me! Celebratory 300th with 12 Surprise Guests!

This episode was so fun, and the format was a total shock to me! Jonathan took the reins and got a handful of the most influential/interesting people in our lives to ask questions for me in this episode. It was along the lines of: “If you could ask Jordan ONE question, what would it be?!”

So in this episode with my husband being the killer host that he is, you will hear thought provoking (and fun, and sometimes hilarious!!) questions from everyone from Jenna Zoe, to Kenzie Burke, to my 82-year-old nanny (!!), Jesse McCartney, Trevor Hall, Khalil Rafati, my dad, Lauren & Michael Bosstick, Krista Ripma, my brother-in-law Adam, my starseed friend Chris, Lauren Roxburgh and more.

Each guest question stunned me more than the next, as Jonathan’s goal was to include an eclectic group of people that would surprise me!! I.e. not just my mom and my best friends. This is an incredible group of people that ranges from close friends and family to people that I deeply admire and do not know as well! So excited for you guys to tune in. Let us know on Instagram what YOUR favorite question from the episode was.

AND WE ARE HOSTING A GIVEAWAY !! To celebrate 300 episodes and to thank you so much for listening & being amazing for all these 6+ years, we will be choosing TEN winners to receive a TBB wellness package with a bunch of my fave wellness goodies! To enter, simply:

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