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Episode #287

Lindsey Wilson: Founder of OWL Venice on Gut Health, Entrepreneurship, Motherhood & Ayurveda

Welcome to today’s bonus episode! I am so thrilled to bring you this conversation with my dear friend Lindsey Wilson, the founder of OWL Venice. If you live in Los Angeles or if you follow any wellness influencers on the gram, you have surely heard of this brand. They make homemade bone broths (and vegan broth!) that has taken the healing world by storm because of its incredible gut health & Ayurvedic balancing properties.


Lindsey started making homemade broth after struggling with her own digestive issues. She infused the broth with seasonal vegetables and medicinal herbs, and removed traditional ingredients like garlic and onions. Not only did these nutrient dense broth elixirs transform her health, but this transformation inspired her to share these creations with her local community.


Lindsey’s love for food and wellness, combined with her background in design and marketing, enabled her to launch OWL Venice in 2016. Fast forward to now, and OWL has helped thousands with similar issues through their line of broth

elixirs and gut reset programs. I personally found OWL when I was struggling with my own gut health — and I serendipitously ran into Lindsey in Erewhon (of course) where she so kindly helped me figure out my healing path.


Exclusively for The Balanced Blonde Listeners, OWL Venice is offering discount code BLONDE15 at checkout for 15% off your first purchase at!


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