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Episode #288

SOLO Part TWO: My Psychic Awakening Journey in a Nutshell & Tips for Your Own Awakening

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Welcome to today’s solo episode, PART TWO! This topic is something I have wanted to cover on the podcast for a long time, which is my psychic awakening journey in a nutshell. Tune into last week’s part one to hear all of the below:

In part one we cover my childhood, what it was like to be a highly sensitive child, situations where I experienced deja vu and time travel, my partying adolescence, and then my eventual spiritual awakening and introduction to star seeds, psychic abilities, Pleiadians, mediumship, finding my calling, ayahuasca & plant medicine, and so much more.

In this episode, part two, we discuss the granular & specific tips for psychic awakening, how to tune into your intuition, how to go deep & connect to realms beyond, how ketamine therapy has been going for me, being #NotFromHere & living the started life, and so much more. This episode is also big into Q&A!

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