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Episode #307

Mari Llewellyn’s Pursuit of Wellness and Total Transformation Through Physical and Mental Health

It was such a joy to have the fabulous Mari Llewellyn, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, founder of Bloom Supplements, host of the brand new Pursuit of Wellness podcast, fitness & wellness inspiration. and an all around incredible human on the show today. It has been such a joy to meet Mari in recent months and I couldn’t be more honored to have her here to share her wisdom with you all.

Mari is the definition of a powerhouse. She runs Bloom with her husband Greg, she takes care of her physical and mental health better than almost anyone I know, she hosts her podcast, creates the best social media content, runs the workout app The Slay App, rides her horse every weekend (!!) & is always on the go doing the most game changing things. Most of all, I love that Mari puts her health and wellbeing first — and has transformed her life inside and out.

She lost 90 pounds through pure dedication and devotion, and has found healing from her struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder through rigorous therapy and a holistic wellness approach. In this episode we talk everything from healing, to horseback riding, to building a brand, astrology, fun this or that questions, and beyond. Most of all, I hope you will get to know Mari in a brand new way by listening to this conversation.

Enjoy, and tell us your thoughts on IG!

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