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Episode #308

Julie Piatt aka SriMati on Planetary Expansion, Unschooling, Sacred Motherhood & Quantum Realms

It was so special to have Julie Piatt aka Sri Mati on the show this week! I have been a fan of hers for a long, long time — and we WENT there in this conversation. We talk all things quantum, starseed, spirituality, and beyond. We also talk about sacred motherhood, relationships, and all about Julie’s new plant-based cheese brand SriMu.

Julie Piatt is a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author and healer who has lived her life immersed in devotion and expansive creativity. She is a wayshower of finding the divine in all life experiences. She shares her wisdom from a multitude of life events that she has experienced as processes of alchemical transformation. In her experience, her life has shown her that It is the ability to hold the divine perspective in all life brings before you that allow for the deepest access to the meanings that life is waiting to reveal to us.

This is a deep, juicy, expansive convo all around and I am SO excited to share it with you!

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