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Episode #330

Natasha Graziano on The Law of Attraction, Stepping Into Your True Power, Healing from Autoimmune & Manifesting Your Dream Life

I am over the moon to have Natasha Graziano on the show today. She is best known as the #1 female motivational speaker under 40 as seen in Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, host of the #5 podcast in the US for Education and she is rated one of the top 10 keynote speakers alongside Michelle Obama and Oprah. She is one of the best speakers I have had on the show in as long as I can remember — she is truly living her most powerful and manifested life.

Natasha loves helping people unlock their full human potential and become SUPERSTARS using her method Scripting as seen in her TED talk. In this episode we discuss healing from autoimmune, the law of attraction, manifesting your dream life, and how to use her technique of scripting.

Natasha’s success as a teacher and thought leader is owed to her unique methodology called ‘Scripting.’ With over 1 billion views on her teachings, This practice involves writing down future goals and aspirations in great detail, as if they have already happened, to align one’s thoughts and beliefs with their desired reality. Through this deliberate and scientific approach to mindset and manifesting Natasha proves that scripting is a powerful tool to unlock one’s full potential and attain their goals whilst benefiting mental health.

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