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Episode #276

SOLO: The Tea on Motherhood & All Things Postpartum

I am thrilled to be back for my first solo episode in way too long, and we are going in on all things motherhood, postpartum, and beyond. This episode has been a LONG time coming, and I am elated to share it with you today. It’s raw, it’s vulnerable and we GO THERE — way into the depths, and back again.


We touch on so many topics in this episode that I have not shared about publicly yet, from my breastfeeding journey, to what it’s really like to be a new mom, postpartum anxiety, asking for help and support, the first 40 days & the 4th trimester, sex life postpartum + healing from birth… and then some.


We also do an audience Q&A in this episode and I get to many of your FAQ’s which were truly incredible. Thank you so much for being on this wild ride with me. Come tell me your thoughts on Instagram and what you were able to relate to from this episode. And if you are not a parent, then maybe you can use this episode as a resource to support any of your friends or family who are new parents. 🙂


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