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8 Things Every Woman Should Have

November 21, 2013

Happy Thursday! With the cleanse program, working on my novel, the semester coming to a close, Thanksgiving coming up and three visitors coming to town in the next few days… I have been a little overwhelmed this week. Instead of a recipe post today I wanted to share a post I’ve seen flying around other blogs this week. I thought it would be fun to provide a little more information about myself, and it’s a plus for me to skip the recipe because I am making about 10-15 recipes for the cleanse program today so I am basically living off of fruit and granola. (I’m not complaining!)


This post is called “8 Things Every Woman Should Have,” and I didn’t come up with the list but I more or less agree with it. If I made the list I think it would be more like 50 Things Every Woman Should Have… so be grateful that this one is much simpler.

Oh, and stay tuned for a cleanse giveaway tomorrow. Details to come!


Vokda soda with lime. I’m not a huge alcohol girl (people who knew me in my first few years of college might tell you otherwise), but when I’m out with my friends I enjoy a good cocktail. Nothing too sugary!



Wannabe. Spice Girls. Duh. (Can you guess which Spice Girl I am?)



Lululemon all the way. It’s a rare day that you’ll see me out of my yoga clothes!



Can it be a go-to smoothie? Mine would have to be The Naked Smoothie. With  raw vegan chocolate peanut butter cups for dessert. That’s a dangerous question to ask a food blogger!



I practice vinyasa yoga daily, and I try to run at least half of the days out of the week. I also walk a lot. My advice is just find the exercise routine you love, and be consistent with it.



Yoga, writing, blogging, exercising. Am I too predictable? I also love reading, exploring new places, traveling, acting like a total weirdo with my best friends, trying cool vegan restaurants, and acting (haven’t done it in a long time but I figured I would throw it in because I love it). This is me and one of my best friends Clare in Cinque Terre, Italy. One of my favorite places in the world. Below is anther one of my favorite places: Venice, Italy. And below that: Bad Kohlgrub, Germany. I got some air.

166902_2276348022180_1445224214_n 293363_2237360687521_1937419989_n316386_2202385693168_1481642618_n7. A BEST FRIEND.

I have been lucky enough to have had the same core group of best friends since I was in kindergarten, and I’ve picked up a few on the way. My closest friends are everything to me. I live with my best friend Katie who is more of a sister to me than anything else. My mom is also one of my very best friends. I feel very lucky – I think I actually have the best friends in the world. (But doesn’t everyone feel that way?) Here are just a few of the fabulous people who make my world go round:

405683_10200507262498075_1609476766_n484744_10200456582431163_1643976137_n163011_1729103021827_6129535_n166067_4837586544215_893089145_n943314_10200507274978387_1437368291_n8. A HEALTHY SENSE OF SELF.

That’s why my motto is to fall in love with yourself first. You can be whoever you want to be, but unless you’re happy with who that person is then it’s all for nothing. Strive to impress yourself and embrace who you are and what you love to do. Once you are love yourself, others will follow suit. And don’t pick yourself apart. A healthy sense of self is a happy sense of self.



Ok, ok you caught me! I added a ninth. But I swear I will stop myself here… and that’s only because I have so much to do today. I just had to add this, because my family is my life. It really should be number 1, but sometimes you have to save the best for last.