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May 20, 2014

Thanks to the lovely Miss Amanda from Running With Spoons, I’ve been inspired to fill out a fun little survey for today’s post. This week is busy, busy getting everything ready for the Hamptons, finishing up grad school, planning two fun TBV events in NYC this June before I move, prepping for a house guest (my best friend Britty is moving here this week!), my second week of IIN, and catching up with some amazing friends and healthy living bloggers who are in town.

When life gets busy… what do I do? Sit down and answer blog surveys, duh. Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out yesterday’s post so you can enter the Greens Plus giveaway! All ya gotta do is “like” The Blonde Vegan on Facebook, and comment on yesterday’s post telling us what you would do with the protein powders and bars if you win them!

My Favorite…

Person… Oh god, that’s tough. I have a handful of favorite people, but I would have to say my favorite person hands down is my radiant mama. Not only is she the most supportive person in my life, but she is my best friend, my personal assistant/secretary (hehe thanks for that), my stylist, the person I laugh most uncontrollably with and more or less she is ME in a different body. She is my everything! Oh, and she’s drop dead gorgeous, kind, patient, brilliant and hilarious.


Color… Anyone who knows me well can tell you this. Lime green! I even wrote a poem about it recently for my prose poetry class. It’s been my fav since I was in first grade, and now it is fitting that I have adapted a very “green” lifestyle in every sense of the word – green foods all the way!

Food… Hmmm, it’s a tie between almond butter, ripe bananas, sweet potatoes and dark chocolate. Or all four together – now that’s deliciousness. Reposting Amanda‘s photo collage for this one, because it is just way too good. Almond-Butter-Love

Day of the week… Sunday! I know a lot of people find Sundays depressing because it means the weekend is over, but there is something I find so cozy and relaxing about the tail end of the week… no pressure to do anything, you can catch up on anything you feel behind on, you can sleep in, hang with friends, spend long hours at fun brunches, take a nighttime yoga class, go on a long hike, read to your heart’s content. Wow, I’ve turned into such a mellow person. Who would’ve thought? 😉

Thing to do when bored… Oh gosh, that’s tough. I don’t even let myself get bored because I am always juggling a trillion things – but I would have to say go on a walk or read a good book.

Celebrity… Ryan Gosling, allll the way. And female celeb = Sienna Miller. I would marry either one in a heartbeat.tmpHz83MNsienna-miller-27-wallpapers_15141_1600x1200

Drink… Green smoothies, duh! Especially the original TBV smoothie!


TV show… Orange is the New Black is totally my jam right now. I can’t wait for it to come back on in June. Also, Breaking Bad and House will always be all time favorites. And don’t judge me for loving The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.


Fruit… Bananas. They’re more like an addiction. And there’s nothing better than fresh berries, figs and peaches in the summer!

Vegetable… Broccoli from Hu Kitchen, baked sweet potato wedges, and anything cauliflower / Brussels sprouts.

Store/shop… Lululemon. The ONLY thing I wear. Comfy, cute and I don’t need to change before I head to the gym/yoga. And TBV Apparel, obvi. Or BOTH, like in this photo:


Workout… Yogaaa! Although I am a definite advocate of switching things up and getting your cross-training in. I also like to run, do full body circuit training with my personal trainer, cycle, swim and Pilates!

QuoteI love soooo many quotes, but one of my favorites is: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” -Harold Whitman.

Boy’s name… Finn. I have been picking out my future kids’ names since I was little… I have a longgg list.

Girl’s name… Piper.

Potato chip flavor… I don’t eat potato chips anymore. But I was once a salt & vinegar freak—I even had an AIM screen name dedicated to it. Oh, boy…

Meal of the day… Breakfast! All day, every day. Like these chocolate chip banana muffins:  bananamuffins

Ice cream flavor… I am not a huge ice cream person, but if you’re going to give me a scoop of dairy-free ice cream then I am a dark chocolate kind of girl all the way. Or mint chip!

Season… FALL! The gorgeous colors, the beginning of all of the best holidays and all of the greatest family time, and of course my October birthday.

Dessert… Raw vegan peanut butter cups will never be beat, in my book.

Lifehack… Ummm, hopping in with a stranger in a long line and making friends with them so you don’t have to go to the end of the line? I’m a lame lifehacker, but I am even more impatient so I do what I can.

Oh, PS: Check out this fantastic article on Carbon 38 about TBV! I am so blown away by their amazing graphic design skills, too. Check out their site, their stuff rocks!


What are some of your life favorites?!