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Mashed Avocado Breakfast Pizza

September 3, 2014

Four words: Mashed. Avocado. Breakfast. Pizza.

Okay, actually let me back up a little bit. I just had to introduce the post with that because well, ummm, look: AvocadoBreakfastPizza

So I spent all day Sunday developing recipes for The Balanced Blonde App. Our release date is in November, which means my early October deadline is rapidly approaching. Which means my December book deadline is also rapidly approaching. Which means Jordan is a mess and a half and has a whole lot of shit to get done (always).

So! Me being me and having this whole procrastination, extreme, all-or-nothing down thing pat, I’ve been putting off developing app recipes for oh, well, like… forever.

Last time I had a serious recipe development day for the app was mid-July. It’s September now… (How?!?!?) so I kinda sorta have a lot of catching up to do. Oh, and the book is going to have 25 recipes too. So yippity-doodah.

AvocadoBreakfastPizza5 But before you sit back and say, “Hooowww could Jordan have put off recipe developing for this long?! Doesn’t she cook? I mean, she runs a food blog… what the heck has she been doing?”

A couple things:

A) I’ve found a lot of comfort in not developing recipes for a while, because it’s been helping me enjoy food simply for what it is – sustenance! I get very wrapped up in the presentation, innovation, food photography, has-to-be-cooler-than-ever-before, let-me-take-652-photos-to-get-it-just-right mindset when I am cooking for the blog, and after developing orthorexia and going through my recovery process, making simple recipes & snapping them with my iPhone was pretty darn nice. (But then I really missed it so here I am.)

B) I also have TBV Apparel, writing the book, my IIN health coaching classes, and running the lifestyle portion of the bloggy! So even though recipe developing took a little hiatus, all things TBB have been keeping me quite busy.

C) I left my camera in LA when I was in Nor Cal, and then set me back just a teeny weeny bit.


^ Mashed Avocado Breakfast Pizza hanging out with the Two Ingredient Peanut Butter Pecan Pancake from the app… because they’re both too heavenly for words!

So, back to Monday (which felt like a Sunday because of Labor Day). 14 recipes. One day. Lots of breakfasts for my friends. Lots of beautiful food photos on my newfound gorgeous balcony lighting.

And because there hasn’t been a recipe around these parts in a while, I decided I would share a little sneak peek from the app and post this Mashed Avocado Breakfast Pizza Recipe!

PS: The app will be gluten-free, dairy-free and largely plant-based, but there will also be yummy fish recipes on there and hopefully some chicken recipes too. And eggs. Lots of eggs. AvocadoBreakfastPizza2

Mashed Avocado Breakfast Pizza ▶ ▷ ▸ ▹ ►


1 gluten-free tortilla (or whole wheat)

½ mashed avocado

1 overeasy egg

A sprinkle of red pepper

Optional: Crumbled bleu cheese


1. Warm the tortilla on the stovetop or in the oven at a medium-low temperature.

2. Grease a skillet (I use coconut oil) over medium-high heat, crack your egg and let it fry until cooked through. I like to leave mine runny, so I keep a close eye on it and I don’t flip it.

3. Slice the avocado in half and mash it with a fork until it is easily spreadable.

4. Spread avocado on the warmed tortilla and top with fried egg. Sprinkle on red pepper and the optional crumbled bleu cheese. Enjoy while warm!



Thoughts? Have you ever enjoyed a breakfast pizza before? Have you checked out the TigerNut giveaway from Saturday’s post?!