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The Rehydration Acai Bowl ft. Liquid I.V.

February 2, 2015

Happy FEB! February is going to be the month of hydration on TBB. With my half marathon coming up next month staying hydrated is extra important for me right now. But even if you don’t have a rigorous workout routine that you follow, hydration should be huuuugely significant to you because when we are hydrated, we are our healthiest. When we are our healthiest… we can live our best lives. 

Lately, I have made it a point to drink a TON of water (think 10 glasses a day or more), sparkling water (for my stomach, as you know) and loads of green tea. Basically I’m a hydration machine… Which is really good because I sweat hardcore every day between running and yoga — and when I don’t stay hydrated I get SERIOUS migraines and become a huge pain to be around.

Acai4As far as staying hydrated goes… There is a really cool product I want to tell you guys about. A) I’m partial to it because I know the guys who started it and they are amazing people, and B) I actually really truly like it, use it on the daily and recommend it to people in my everyday life all the time so I might as well recommend it to all of you as well.

It’s called Liquid I.V. (so awesome, right?) and because they go by LIV for short I’ve become super into to saying #LIVbalanced all the time. Like many times a day. I’m a huge dork.

Say hi to Brandin, CEO & Co-Founder! You could say we got a little beveragey at the Lakers game last week.


LIV just started being carried in 8 Whole Foods around Los Angeles… and my prediction is that they’ll be nationwide very soon because as it stands their boxes can hardly stay on the shelves.


LIV is a natural healthy hydration solution that you can put into your water, juice, smoothie or… Drum roll please… Acai bowl (!!!!) for an extra boost of hydration. And when I say extra I mean they’ve patented a specific formula that gets the hydration into your blood stream much faster than water alone. It’s for the athletes, the people who are prone to dehydration (me) and even those of us who may have had a wild night out of the town.

And it’s LEMON LIME flavor and you know how I feel about all things citrusy. Kinda totally more than mildly in love.

And since I love you all, use the discount code LIVbalanced for 30% off of your order.

P.S. Look at Liquid I.V. next to my Yoga Digest cover in Whole Foods! Too cool or what?

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.55.44 AM

Nooowww are you ready for this acai bowl recipe featuring LIV? Here we go…

Acai1The Rehydration Acai Bowl

1 ripe banana
1/2 cup blueberries
2 tablespoons acai powder (or one packet of frozen acai)
1 large handful ice
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 packet Liquid I.V.

1/2 banana
Goji berries

Blend all ingredients, top with toppings and enjoy. Tip: pour second half of LIV into a glass of water for double rehydration!!

Acai2Thoughts on the importance staying hydrated? Where my athletes at?! Have you tried LIV? Order it, tag me in a photo with the #LIVbalanced hashtag and I’ll feature you in my next blog post about the importance of hydration in the third week of Feb!