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June 1, 2015

It’s June. Seriously?

There are so many days in the year where I have to stop and really think for a few minutes about what year it is. Most days, if you told me the correct year was anything between 2014-2016 I would totally believe you.

Similarly, this past Friday afternoon I was driving to my old high school, Sacramento Country Day School (Go Cavs ;)) with my best friend Katie to speak to the seniors on their Career Day. In the car I started remarking on how long it had been since we were in school there. It’s a Pre-K through 12th school, and we were both “lifers” meaning we were there from Kindergarten on. Basically, our whole entire beings were formed there.

During that conversation it struck me in both a funny and a seriously strange and freaky way: I couldn’t remember my exact age. It might sound silly, but my memory has always been one of my strongest traits. I would have scoffed at someone who couldn’t remember their exact age or what year they graduated. But somehow, in that car ride, I was completely confused as to whether Katie and I were 24 or 25. It started as a bit of a joke like wait a second what’s our exact age, but quickly I was saying okay this is not funny anymore, HOW OLD ARE WE?

“We’re 24!!!” Katie said. “…You’ll be 25 in October.”

And while it was a brief memory lapse and makes complete sense given the fact that mid-20s ages are all pretty similar and I don’t have any major distinctions between them in my mind, yet, it still freaked me out. It was the first time in my life that I had reached a point that my exact age number didn’t really 100% matter. When you’re 11, every month that passes by counts toward being 11 and a half, 11 and three quarters, etc. When you’re 18, your age is everything. When you’re 21, your age is everything. When you’re 22 and graduating college… Age means so much.

But I suppose I am finally reaching the point where age is kind of just there. I don’t feel any different than the 27 and 28 year olds that I know, and to be honest I don’t feel THAT different than some of the 35 year olds that I know… especially the ones who don’t have kids. Even many who do have kids! We’re all just here, doing our thing and living our lives. In a way it’s very cool and in a way it’s kind of a mind trip: age is just a THING, just like time and space is just a THING, and all that really, really matters about the time that we have is what we do with it.

Sometimes people tell me, “Oh, the reason you get confused about the year and the month and the day of the week is because you have a job that doesn’t require you to be into an office MWF from 9-5. To you it’s all the same.” I think they are right and that’s definitely a part of it… but I also think that my outlook on life has something to do with it.

What do I mean by that? To me, every day is laid out and available for me to enjoy it to the absolute fullest. Whether that means working from morning till night doing something like writing my book, photographing for TBV Apparel, hanging out and connecting with people in the wellness space, planning a retreat, being ON a retreat, spending quality time with my family or something totally different: a day is a day to me. Fridays and Saturdays are no different to me than Mondays and Tuesdays. Not because I don’t work hard during the week or because I don’t let loose on the weekends, but because time is almost irrelevant to me in some ways. I just want to live every day to the fullest and love it.

That’s why I cannot stannnddd when people tell me they are dreading a Monday or “hate Wednesdays” or can’t wait until the next three day weekend. These are our LIVES, you guys. Our lives were made to be enjoyed. If you don’t like what you’re doing, change it. Your life is in your own hands. Complaining to others about not liking your life won’t get you to a place where you do like your life– only you can do that by putting in the work.

So, in conclusion… It’s June!!! Time has FLOWN. Clearly I have had my head under a rock writing a book for the last year… so this year has been going particularly fast.

Anyone have any fun June plans?! I am heading to Hawaii with the fam in a few weeks. So very excited. PS: How do you view time? Like me, or in a more traditional way? I would love to hear!