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July 16, 2015

(Also, a huge major awesome freaky story at the bottom of this post… I want your input! Really badly!)

Hey beauties. If you follow this bloggy on a regular basis, then you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little MIA lately. A post here, a post there, a vacation here, a vacation there… And sometimes a week or so between posts.

In an ideal world, I’d like to post every day of the week. In a realistic yet still pretty ideal world, I like to post every day Monday through Friday! In my current world, I have been posting 1-2 times a week for the last month or so. See how that compares to what I WANT to be doing? Yikes…!

Well here’s why, in a nut shell:

I am SUCH an all-or-nothing person (this is why I’m the balanced blonde… because every day I strive for balance. STRIVE, not necessarily achieve, lol) that it’s really, really, really hard for me to pour my full energy into a bunch of things at once. I can handle it when they’re all interconnected– like the bloggy, TBV Apparel, my cleanse programs, my book, my YouTube channel, my new #TBBTribe newsletter (so stoked on this BTW), ya know. That kind of stuff.

But when I start doing a whole lot of things that don’t fall under the same semi-similar umbrella, it’s really hard for me to juggle. Exhibit A: I have been apartment hunting for the last week or so, and it has absolutely consumed me. I have hardly been able to eat or sleep or even shower (I’m weird, I know, I have issues), and I have gone days without exercising or making time for myself. I know it probably sounds silly to those of you who are able to focus on a bunch of things at once & don’t get so extreme about things, but for people like me it is TOUGH to have such a huge, unresolved, pressing issue on your plate that you can’t immediately handle.

I like to solve things and make them better immediately. RIGHT away. It’s probably a method of deflecting but I’ll deal with that eventually, lol. I also have super high standards for myself & where I want to live, so those two contrasting things started driving me MENTAL.

On top of it, I’ve also had lots of fun free-lance projects, cool TBV Apparel happenings & a few little mini-vacays. Between all of that, when I sat down to blog I. Couldn’t. Do. It. I couldn’t muster the creative energy or sense of self that I need to actually write passionately to you guys and let it flow.

Annddddd I’m never going to half-ass anything with my bloggy blog, so I kind of took a mini hiatus.

But here’s the good news. The really good & exciting & actually kind of freaky (I’ll tell you why) news… I found an apartment that has everything I am looking for, and I put my application in this morning! I am a notoriously picky person. VERY picky. Like I said, very high standards. My intern Danika gave me the most wonderful, yet unintentional, compliment a couple of days ago. She told me that I never settle for things that don’t make me extremely happy. Apartments included. And not even “settle,” but basically I can’t function if things are not 100% the way I want them to be. So even though it consumed my whole entire being for a fretful week or so, that’s okay because I came out with a place I love a lot.

I find out for sure if I get the apartment or not on Monday, but I have a pretty good record soooo I think they’ll be okay with me. 😉 Unless of course they realize my whole life is available to read on the Internet and then I’m just doomed.

Jk. I’m still pretty darn innocent.


Anyyyywayy… Let me tell you what’s FREAKY about this apartment. When I lived in Italy coming up on four years ago, a lot of interconnected things started happening with the number 201. Every hotel I stayed in, I was put in room #201. Every hostel, #201. My apartment in Florence, #201. My bar tab, $20.10. I would look up while I was walking out of the blue and see huge painted numbers of 201 everywhere. Several times a day. 2:01a.m. or p.m. both times a day too. WEIRD. And my best friend & Italy roomie Clare had the same experience. (Well, we were together the whole time so of course we both did.) Also, once we put it together we realized we had both lived in two separate room #201’s our sophomore year of college too.

When I returned to the states to finish the rest of college, it kept happening. Everywhere I went I saw 201’s. Especially when something big was happening in my life. When I was in the cab about to appear on Good Morning America to discuss my transition from veganism, I saw a huge painted 201 directly outside of the building I was walking into. It felt like such a sign, even though I didn’t know what exactly it meant. When it came time to move back to LA from NYC, I knew the situation was right when my friend Laura had an open bedroom in her apartment for me… Apartment #201. Last year, when my grandpa was moved into the dependent wing of his retirement home, he was in room 201, RIGHT after I finished telling my dad about all of my freaky 201-ness at 2:01p.m. For real.

I see it everywhere to this day, and everyone around me knows it because I can’t help but point it out. It’s awesome because good things always seem to happen to me at 2:01, both a.m. and p.m. So here’s the freaky thing…

I have toured a LOT of apartments in the last several days. I mean a lot. I have hardly even looked at the apartment numbers and addresses because they literally all blend together at this point. When I set foot into the apartment I ended up falling in love with and put an application in for today, I didn’t even notice at first… Then, as I was walking out to check out the hallway, I saw it.

2 0 1.

Apartment number two, zero, freaking ONE.

I couldn’t help but gasp and then flip a shit. The realtor wasn’t sure what to do. I could hardly get my words out to explain what an INSANE coincidence it was, and that I had to have the apartment immediately.

“You don’t get it, this apartment, this number… I ALWAYS LIVE IN 201’s. ITS MY LUCKY NUMBER. This is weird. This is weird. This is so weird. I knew I loved it. I mean… I have to have it. I need this apartment.”

He definitely thought I was certifiably insane (I know this because in the end he told me so), and I knew I was walking away with a damn good apartment.

That’s another reason why I know that even though I don’t hear back until Monday, it is going to work out. I just have a feeling. And immediately, everything feels so much lighter and so much more in place.

So now it’s time to start packing my stuff, organizing & MOVINGGGG from 201 to 201. I am staying in the same neighborhood, but now I will have my own apartment which will rock because I really do need my own space to do what I do. Work from home, blog, film vids, develop recipes… All that jazz.

So, please tell me. Do you have a weird, recurring number or situation in your life?! A lucky number, occurrence, person, place, thing? I need to know. I NEED to figure this out. If you are spiritual & know the meanings of numbers, living spaces, etc… Pleeeease share. I am curious for some answers, and more than tempted to get the numbers tattooed on my body because there is an outer force telling me that these numbers are a part of me!!