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The Top 5 Ways I Like to Stay Active! (+ Degree at Walgreens)

August 13, 2015

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Lunchbox. Opinions are 100% my own

So if there is one thing I am good for, and one thing only, it is to inspire you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. I have made so many changes in the last year to become as happy in my life and in my own skin as possible. And amidst all the changes health has always been hugely important to me, even when I didn’t necessarily prioritize it in my own life because I went too extreme with the whole “I only eat veggies” thing… but regardless, health was at the core of it all.


The way I maintained my health even when I suffered pretty badly from orthorexia nutrition-wise, I still exercised in a very healthy way. I didn’t necessarily go too extreme, but I made sure that physical activity was a fixture in my life each and every day.

If we traveled back in time to 5, 10, and even 15 years ago, we would find a Jordan that was completely obsessed with physical activity. Whether it was me running around on the soccer field (even though I was severely allergic to grass, #lol), starting my high school’s dance team (you don’t have to have rhythm to create a dance team… Let me tell ya), or my complete and utter relationship with power vinyasa yoga and running, I was always moving. That’s how I still am to this day.

I am going to give you a brief rundown on the different ways I like to stay active, because every day is different and I truly believe the key to consistency with exercise is having enough variety so you don’t ever burn out in one area.

And THEN I am going to challenge you to get moving with the Degree Get Moving challenge (in partnership with WALGREENS!), where you can track your progress, get wellness tips & tricks from celeb trainer Chris Powell, and utilize a community of people to report back to to stay motivated & keep active. And of course, I fully expect to be updated on your progress as well! You can always email me with any questions you have or if you need an extra dose of motivation. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed about starting something when the road ahead feels so bumpy & challenging, but hey— once you start, you’ve BEGUN. You’ve already completed the hardest part. And your progress, inside and out, will give you the motivation you need in order to keep going.

Annddd it's TBB in hiking selfie mode ;)

Annddd it’s TBB in hiking selfie mode 😉

Trust me. It’s kind of like running a marathon. Or even a half marathon (trust me, that’s long ENOUGH.) One foot in front of the other. We’ve got this.

The ways I like to keep active…

1. YOGA: We all know that I am a complete & total Yoga Junkie. Even though my relationship with yoga has gone through an ebb and flow over the years, and it still evolves with each and every practice, at the end of the day it is always my favorite way to exercise and to keep my mind, body and soul in connection with one another. Yoga keeps me limber, strong and gives me the mental strength to deal with the hectic days life throws my way. The yoga retreat I went on last April served as a major emotional turning point for me, and I am forever grateful for the insight I gained while I was there… on who I am as a person and so much more. While I was there I learned that if I had no responsibilities in the world to answer to, I would do yoga twice a day, read great memoirs on the beach, write first thing in the morning, drink chilled white wine every night while watching the sunset with people I love to the moon and back, meet new people, eat lots of fresh sushi and have deep & meaningful conversations with people who inspire me to no end. ALL the time. So, there’s that. Yoga is everything to me.


2. Orange Theory Fitness, a.k.a high intensity interval training: While yoga keeps my mind at ease and gives me the strength and flexibility to deal with life, HIIT keeps me in SHAPE, man. The intense combo of running, floor exercises and rowing for an hour straight never fails. It is the most efficient workout out there, by far. I am a high intensity person, so I thrive off of the intensity of the workout and I have also met so many people in the OTF community who I love surrounding myself with every day — it’s so fun to workout and spend time with likeminded people!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6.22.59 PM

3. Hiking: Who doesn’t like to get outdoors as often as possible? I may or may not have gone on a crazy intense hike to one of the highest peaks in Southern California this past weekend, but I also like to go on more relaxing & enjoyable hikes to spend time with people, get my bod moving & enjoy the views. I feel so lucky to live in a place like L.A. where the abundance of great hikes is endless, but even when I lived in NYC I made “hiking” work… even if it was just hiking across the urban high line in the snow. Make it work, wherever you live.


4. Stretching: No excuses here. When I get out of bed in the morning, I stretch. It gets my blood flowing and prepares my body for the day ahead… whether I am going to have a big day of running around or a day sitting at my computer writing my brains out. You can get on the ground and stretch whenever/wherever. Ask anyone who knows me… I’m never not stretching. (Maybe weird, but that’s fine.) It also calms me and helps alleviate my back/neck problems. I am all about it.

5. Long Walks: If nothing else, start here. Walking is the easiest, most social, most doable type of exercise. I always say that if I haven’t walked for at least an hour total during the day, then I didn’t move enough. Park far away from the stores/restaurants you drive to, take walks around the block when you’re catching up with people on the phone, go on an evening stroll after you eat dinner to get some fresh air and get your body moving. It makes a world of difference, I’m telling you. Even if you’re not used to doing it, once you start incorporating it into your routine it will feel normal and it will reset your body into understanding that moving feels GOOD. I promise.

So now that I have told you all about the different ways I love to get moving, I will also tell ya… When you live an active lifestyle, having the right deodorant is SO IMPORTANT. I literally go downstairs into my apartment building’s gym in the middle of the morning sometimes to just run out my anxiety for 20 minutes, and then I drive straight to a meeting. Deodorant is important, or else I would not be fun to be around… Really.


I love Degree Antiperspirants because they are specifically made to assist our toughest workouts. They use a MOTIONSENSE formula to protect against odors and keep us active peeps feeling nice and fresh. You can find Degree at Walgreens ( which is awesome, because Walgreens’ are all over & very affordable… and they conveniently have a bunch of other stuff you’ll probably need anyway! ), and when you get it you will receive a code to unlock the exclusive digital content that allows you to join the #GetMoving challenge! I wouldn’t just say that, I’m telling you this because when I find something that works it only feels natural to share the info with my favorite people… You guys.

And once you buy the deodorant, go here and enter your unique code to receive your free digital health and wellness magazine… Ummm, COOL. You guys, I’m telling you, if you are intimidated about making a lifestyle change to prioritize health and wellness, having this type of resource will be hugely beneficial to you. I’m actually extremely excited for you to start, because having fitness goals and working toward them is such an inspirational thing to get going.

The offer for the digital wellness mag ends August 11th, so get into Walgreens & buy your Degree super soon if you want in on this awesomeness!

PS, funny story, I was literally photographing Degree in the coffee shop where I wrote this post because I had it with me and felt like creating some content… And in doing so I think I solidified to the people around me that I am a total weirdo. Totally cool with it. (See below! LOL.)


How are you guys going to #GetMoving this month?! Let’s do it together.