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Top 10 Reads of The Week, 3.24.16

March 24, 2016

Guys! I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to start making this Top 10 Reads of the Week a regular thing. It’s a great way for me to practice putting content out into the universe that doesn’t have to be a big novel-type of outpour. (Although I love that sh*t too. Love it a lot.)

In my world, I am heading to Sactown this afternoon to spend time with the fam this weekend — stay tuned on Snapchat (@jojoyounger) for lots of fun Snaps decorating/hiding Easter eggs with my niece tomorrow and reuniting with my BFFs. I am also planning a few big surprises in TBB-land that will be dropping over the next few weeks/months… EEK. Excitement city. (If you have suggestions or requests, shoot them my way as always!)

Without further ado…

TBB Top 10 Reads of the Week!

1. Caitlin Bacher‘s “How to Write Your Instagram Bio Like a Boss.” I love this article because I see so many people on Instagram & social media in general who genuinely have great content & tips to share, but their reach falls short because their bio is not inviting, their profile picture is boring, or their content just isn’t representative of their true style. This is a great mini-guide for how to write an IG bio like a boss… Check mine out & tell me if you think it’s fitting! I change mine practically weekly, but I’ve had this one for several weeks because I’m into it.

2. Adam Bornstein‘s “Dear Tracy Anderson: STOP.” I am not into bashing people for their choices, and I truly believe there is room for everyone’s views on health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. However… When an authoritative voice in the wellness community spreads any sort of information that is straight up not scientifically sound or correct, it bothers me. I wouldn’t write about the topic in huge detail on my own site because A) Well & Good is my JAM and they wrote the original Tracy interview that sparked the controversy, and B) I do enjoy a good Tracy Anderson class from time to time and don’t have anything major against her. I just want to make sure YOU GUYS know that as a woman it’s okay (and should be celebrated!) to lift weights, you don’t HAVE to sweat every single day to see results, kettle bells aren’t dangerous if you are using them correctly, and a few other important things you will learn in Adam’s article. BTW– this whole Medium thing is really, really intriguing to me. Should I start one?! I think yes.

3. Elite Daily‘s “The Different Between A BF Who Challenges You & One Who’s Just an Asshole.” I am all about having people in my life who challenge me. I recently got frustrated with someone close to me because I was telling him something personal about my recent therapy session (yes, I’m back in therapy, it rocks) and he responded with all sorts of inquisitiveness. At first I was annoyed (and he knew it), but then he reminded me that just because I decide to tell someone something personal doesn’t mean I need to hear exactly what I want to hear in response. It’s okay to be challenged, and it’s okay for a conflicting viewpoint to be raised. This article resonates with me a lot, because there is a big difference between an asshole (get them out of your life!) and someone who challenges you to reach your fullest potential — and I know a LOT of the ladies in my life love a good asshole dude (don’t we all?) so it’s helpful to hear the differences laid out.

4. Hello Giggles‘ “Selena Gomes Responded to Justin Bieber’s Romantic #tbt.” I’ll admit it you guys, I am a Belieber. I love the J Biebs. In fact I feel that if we met we would hit it off and I wouldn’t be opposed to robbing the cradle a little bit to date him… #truth. So of course I flipped like the inner fan girl I am when I read this article and saw that Selena responded to a recent #tbt he posted of the two of them by saying, “Perfect.” I have a close relationship with my first love/first serious boyfriend, so I understand the nostalgia of a photo from those blissful early days. Props to Justin to posting it regardless of the Jelena super fans asking a trillion questions in response. I love it!

5. Yoganonymous‘ “Why the Best Place to Cry is Your Yoga Mat.” I couldn’t agree more that my number one safe place to let it all out is my yoga mat. Even when I don’t reach the point of tears, a good yoga class is extremely cathartic and therapeutic for me. I spent a good portion of my yoga class last night reflecting on a lot of things going on in my life and a few big decisions I’ve been focusing on this week… Yoga is such a great place to think, think and think some more so that we can learn to silence our minds in our every day lives. And a good cry sesh on the mat is so beyond necessary.

6. Marie Claire‘s “32 Surprising Things That Ruin Your Skin.” Of course we are all different and what might be bad for one person’s skin might work just fine for someone else, but I like this list because it reminds us of a lot of simple things we should be prioritizing in our daily lives like drinking enough water, washing our makeup off every night, sleeping well, being conscious of sodium, etc. Great list and easy to get through!

7. Cup of Jo‘s “Four Fun Things.” I mean, it may or may not be a big source of inspiration behind this list itself! Maybe I should start calling mine 10 Fun Things… Ah! Way better. Thanks for the inspo, Jo. Also, fun fact… I often think about the fact that if I had created my blog like 8 years before I actually did, I may have named it something like Cup of Jo. My friends and family all call me Jo or Jojo, and I think it’s the cutest blog name for a writer who just pours their heart out on the Internet like I tend to do. Good think Joanna Goddard is rockin’ it! I have a few other names that I almost used– I think I’ll blog about them soon so you guys can see!

8. Marianna Hewitt‘s “Advice to my Teenage Self.” First of all, I’m madly in love with Marianna & her blog, so anything she writes about herself / her personal life, I am all over it! I love this post because it gives us a glimpse into who she is as a person and the advice is great for anyone — not just a teenager. My teenage self would have benefitted from this list fo reals, but even my 25 year old self can take great tidbits from it.

9. The Atlantic‘s “Can Three Words Turn Anxiety into Success?” CHANGE YO VOCAB, change yo life!! Really… Change your outlook — have a positive perspective, believe in yourself, be optimistic, walk/talk/act like the baller that you are. It helps times a million, I wholeheartedly believe that.

10. Domaine‘s “These Travel Trends Will be Huge in 2016.” From wellness retreats (manifesting my own… EEK!), to this Charcoal Granite water bottle that my dreams are truly made of, to BLESIURE TRAVEL (OMG this word personifies my life: business + leisure… this is how I travel + how I live), and so much more — love it all. Domaine always knows what’s up.

Thoughts!? Any fun articles I missed that you want to share?! I will be on a plane today and looking for some good reads… Shoot them my way! XO