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If You’re Gonna Be an Internet Person, You Need to be SAFE

April 1, 2016

I’ve recently started referring to myself and others whose lives/careers are based on the Internet as “Internet people.”

Someone at a party a few weeks ago told me a story about transitioning the style of her blog, and wrapped it up by saying, “Well, you get it, you’re an Internet person.”

I loved the term right off the bat, and I feel like the phrase somehow captures both the simplicities & complexities of being someone who exists so publicly on the Internet.

Always with my phone in hand. Photo creds to Brandin Cohen. 😉


The Life of an “Internet Person”

All of that being said, as Internet people, we have to be CAREFUL.

I don’t know if I would have said that so outwardly a few years ago. People warned me & told me there are stalkers, trolls, haters, creepers, hackers, identity stealers and everything else. Well, that’s obvious. But the fact that any of that would happen to ME didn’t seem like a high probability.

I have never been an overly cautious person (in some ways a good thing, in some ways bad) so I kind of took their words of caution with a grain of salt.


I also never would have thought a few years ago that my blog would grow like it did, or that I would be doing this awesome Internet thang full time.

Since then… I’ve experienced it all. The trolls, the haters, the stalkers, the creepers, the identity stealers. I have had countless people use my photos all over the Internet claiming to be me, I’ve had people create variations of the name “The Blonde Vegan” & “The Balanced Blonde” and say that they are me and that my original account had been “hacked.”


Of course I am no stranger to having hate videos with hundreds of thousands of views made about me (from rageful humans in the ethical vegan community), and even people claiming to know me personally in those videos who I have never seen, met or heard of.

And more recently — I’ve experienced a form of stalking that is downright terrifying.

Enter Sudo App


After all of these creepy/negative things started happening to me as a result of being an Internet person, I knew I needed a little more protection. I was getting death treats every day for a while there, for goodness sake.

Enter Sudo. Sudo is a platform that helps you put the control back in your hands — specifically online.

It is the perfect way to protect your online privacy and personal data while connecting with others online. They provide the safest form of communication by giving you a custom phone number email so that you don’t have to give out your own (SCORE), and all of that communication exists in a secure browser.

If you are an online shopper, like me, (I literally don’t buy anything in stores anymore — lol!), you can use SudoPay, that is basically a one-time use credit card that protects you from credit card and/or identity theft.


And beyond the actual “stalkers,” it’s still weird to give your email/phone number out to people when you speak to and/or at least interact with what feels like 38429370 people per day. My inbox gets flooded. My phone freezes from overuse of texting/calls. Sh*t happens.

Gotta protect my private life, yo!!

I am so freaking happy to have found this app — now when I communicate with people for work + blog reasons, or have any type of one-off conversation, I have a secure place to do that where I feel 100% protected.

What do you guys think? Cool app, right?! Get that ish downloaded & check them out HERE so you can see for yourself — I have seriously been using it on the daily. SO COOL. Happy weekend! xx