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Tips for Exercising on VACATION

August 30, 2016

Sooo we all know that going on vacation is something we love for a few key reasons: relaxation, letting loose, time off from the daily grind, spending time with peeps we love, seeing the world, and ultimately coming back feeling #GOOD & better than we did before we left.

That last part is where I’m going to throw ya a little catch. You want to come back from vaycay feeling awesome, yeah? You want to get home and back to yo daily routine without having to spew out the age old “I need a vacation from my vacation now, man,” and you defs don’t want to feel bloated and hungover from too much raging. (Or at least you don’t if you’re anything like me.)


I’m not saying you can’t have fun and drink on vacation. I’m also not saying you shouldn’t indulge in all of the yummy food and treats wherever you’re staying — you only live once! When I was in Portland I DOWNED like five Blue Star donuts (not even gluten-free, #whoops) because Portland is known for their doughy amazingness and I enjoyed the heckkkkkk out of every single one of them. (Especially the extra frosted Mexican choc donut… Holy yum.)

And in Hawaii I put straight up dessert-y chocolate chips in my oatmeal every morning, because: breakfast buffet life is the best life.

It’s all about moderation. You don’t want to totally drop any semblance of control every time you leave town — that would make coming back pretty awful, wouldn’t it?


But you DO want to enjoy your time away and soak it in for what it is. Strike that balance in the middle!

I like to practice this general “rule” (more of a mantra, because the word rule is not my fave) while I am traveling: eat whatever I want, in moderation, and exercise every day in some form or another. Usually what I end up wanting to eat gravitates toward the healthier things on the menu, because… I’m me, that’s what I like. I don’t pressure myself when I don’t want something ultra healthy — but when I do, I go for it.


Working out on vacation can mean a LOT of things. It can mean hiking waterfalls with your nieces. It can mean strolling Italian cobblestone streets by foot for hours. It can mean hitting the hotel gym first thing in the morning so you can lay by the pool all day and squeeze in every second with your fam. It can mean trying a local yoga or Pilates class so you can feel like a legit native for a little bit. It can mean going on a beach run because at home do you really have the luxury to get your feet sandy with epic views while you run?

It means whatever YOU want it to mean — just move! And enjoy it! And make it a social thing! I love working out with my family ON vacation… It’s kinda our thing. 🙂


Top TBB Tips for Staying Motivated to Exercise on Vacation:

  1. Make it a part of your daily routine. The best thing to do when you arrive wherever you’re staying is check out the digs. Are you going to gym it up in the mornings, or would you rather go for a long beach walk in the afternoon? Are there hikes nearby or a cool yoga studio to try? Make it EASY for yourself to work out. If you don’t figure these things out at the beginning of your trip, it will be much harder to stay on top of while you’re there!
  2. Incorporate it into your setting. You are on vacation after all — so you don’t have to solely be a gym rat! I LOOOVE incorporating the setting into my workouts… In Hawaii, that means for swims in the ocean, going paddle boarding, going for beach runs and taking epic waterfall hikes (depending on where you are, of course). In NYC, I like to walk all day and usually rack up 10+ miles (it’s insane how walkable that city is!). That will also help you stay inspired and live in the moment. 🙂
  3. Do something you LOVE — it makes it way easier. If you hate to run, don’t go on a beach run! If all you like is lifting weights then kick it in the gym in the morning and get ‘er done! It will be beyond worth it — I promise. And if you enjoy it then it’s legitimately fun.
  4. Pack enough exercise clothes… Don’t give yourself excuses. This one is HUGE. If you don’t bring clothes to workout in, you really can’t workout (unless you buy clothes there… No bueno). I was prepared on my recent trip to Kauai because I stocked up on workout clothes from Kohl’s before I left! I got awesome Nike shorts & top, Reebok shoes and Nike tennies to switch up my workouts with. If you’re looking for good workout clothes… Check out Kohl’s site — they will hook you UP!
  5. Practice moderation. Let’s face it, there is such a thing as exercising too much on vacation. You want to be with your peeps and relax, as well. You don’t need to spend the whole first half of the day in the gym… Just head there, do your routine, and bounce! It is a good lesson in balance for all of us. 😉
  6. Get your family or whoever you’re traveling with on board. It’s SO FUN to workout on vacation with your family or whoever you’re with!! In Hawaii, my fam and I hit the gym together every morning, we hiked, went on beach walks, swam… It was a BLAST. My fave thing to do is teach my family yoga classes on the beach — we have the best time doing it.
  7. Remember how GOOD it feels to SWEAT. YEP, that should be motivation enough! How you FEEL afterward when you’re lounging the day away, knowing that you’ve crushed a killer workout!
  8. Prioritize you: you wanna feel awesome when you get back. You are your first priority. You are worth it. You deserve it.

In these pics I am cruising the Kauai shoreline in my Kohl’s gear and loving every second of it. Their selection is amazing — I was blown away, no joke. (Also, how good of a photog is my dad?!).


P.S. one of my FAVORITE workout on vacation stories is from Thanksgiving a few years ago… My whole family was in Carmel, California and my brother-in-law and I went to a yoga class at a local studio on Thanksgiving morning. It was so special to see how their community came together that morning — moms doing yoga before heading home to cook all day, little kids sitting on the sides of the studio playing and waiting for their parents, young married couples getting their holiday yoga on, AMAZING music, such inviting teachers, it was just so special. My bro-in-law and I will never forget it. I felt like I saw more of the heart of Carmel there in that room than I ever have by exploring the town.

Thoughts?! Who else enjoys working out on vacation?! Often it’s a GREAT way to see the city that you’re staying in too… Get movin’ while you explore!