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Loving Lately // 9.22.16

September 22, 2016

Happpyyy Thursday my angel faces! Today it’s time for another Loving Lately, because it’s my favorite kinda post, and it’s been a very good week so I have a lot to share. 🙂

Also, my fam is in town this week and next weekend, so I am soaking in all of the good family time & trying to balance with work, yoga training, working on our TBV rebrand (so exciting), all that jazz — but still being PRESENT in every single moment… Because that is the most important.

Especially post-Panchakarma, all I want is to be fully present in everything I do. I have been running all over town like a madwoman, that’s for sure — but that doesn’t mean that I’ve been any less present with everything I’ve committed to. Only more present, because I know everything I am saying YES to is what I reallllyyyy wanna be doing.

So let’s dive into it. 🙂

Loving Lately // 9.22.16

↠ ↠ My Nanny’s 78th Birthday! // Every kid who had a nanny growing up will know why today is so important to me. My nanny was like a second mom to me when I was little, and she still is. She started with my family when I was 3 weeks old and stayed with us until I was 11 — much to my hysteria when she left to take care of her own grandkids (How dare she?! Hehe just kidding Nanny). But even after that she remained a huge part of my life and until this day, she is one of the most important people on my life. She is also one of my absolute favorite humans to spend time with, because she is the greatest storyteller, we laugh like crazy together and I also grew very close to her family over the years so I love getting to see them too. HAPPY birthday Nanny, I am so lucky to have such a special woman in my life. Oh and thank you for being one of my most avid blog readers — how lucky am I to have you? <3 <3

Nanny & me at my book signing in Sactown in December! My number one, always.


↠ ↠ SunCafe Organic // If you follow me on Snap or Insta story, then you know I went to SunCafe in Studio City the other night with Christina to celebrate all the awesome work she has done for me over the last 7 months. We were definitely spoiled by the owner Ron and his amazing staff… After dinner we ordered not 1, not 2 but THREE desserts — and all 3 were devoured by the time we left. I was pretty full from the phenomenal tempeh stir fry that I had (literally the yummiest thing ever), but I could NOT pass up the chocolate cookie dough cheesecake! And Christina ordered the pistachio ice cream sandwich (so innovative), and we got the PB banana cupcake to share.


Yeah, all of it was mouthwatering.

SunCafe is a vegan restaurant in the valley that has been around for 7 years… If I lived closer by to it, I would probably go every night. Who votes that Ron should open one on the westside as soon as possible?! I not so subtly tried to convince him when I saw him the other night. 🙂 The westside needs more organic vegan restaurants with healthy options. Even for us non-vegans… I still LOVE a good plant-based meal. Who’s with me? Check them out here & give them a visit if you’re in LA. Tell them TBB sent you. 🙂 You know #tbbmademedoit !


↠ ↠ White Claw Hard Seltzer // You guys, I am obsessed with this and so thrilled to have discovered it. You KNOW I am not a drinker — like at all. I like to sip on yummy feel-good cocktails occasionally, like vodka soda with lime (literally, only that, lol) but NOTHING that will make me feel hungover the next day or mess with my blood sugar. I’m a wellness junkie, after all. White Claw is a 100% natural, low carb and gluten-free sparkling seltzer water with 5% alcohol and just a litttttle hint of fresh fruit. Basically, it’s all the goodness of a nice refreshing alc beverage without any of the bad stuff. You don’t get wasted from sipping on a couple of these bad boys throughout the night… Just like I like it.

Say hi to my girl Celeste from The True Spoon, shot by Ashley Streff!


All of the ingredients are pure and natural, and it actually tastes delicious. I am ALL about the Lime flavor, but the Black Cherry & Ruby Grapefruit are close seconds. It’s also pretty awesome because you can bring these with you for a night on the town (like I do all the time — NO shame in my game… I don’t trust regular old bars, lol) or sip on them at the beach with friends. My BFF and I even brought them on a hike the other day to sip on at the top… Refreshing and kinda sexy at the same time. 😉 Like way more fun than water, you know.
There also isn’t an aftertaste with this stuff, which is a MUST in the TBB book. Lasting aftertastes and/or super sweet flavors when it comes to alcohol never get my stamp of approval… ever. NO high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients, thank god. It’s sweetened with pure cane sugar and natural fruit juice, and only has 110 calories per serving. I am not a calorie counter, but I also don’t ever want to let a beverage of any sort derail my hard work at the gym on any given day. Ya FEEL?
BTW, to always be transparent: I was compensated by White Claw to write this review, but all opinions are my own. I legit fell in love with this stuff. Also, lastly: #balance when it comes to alcohol, people. We are too old to be getting wasted in da club. I’m sorry, it’s just not cool and never will be to me!
↠ ↠ Being so totally 100% me & not trying to change that for any reason WHATsoever // After my Panchakarma, it’s been nearly impossible for me to be anything but completely myself. People from my friends to my family to my blog readers (you guyyyyys) to my Insta followers have been telling me that I seem more ME lately, more genuine and authentic, and that I am glowing. It’s not that I wasn’t happy before or that I was acting fake in any way, but  we all pick up habits and do things that don’t necessarily work for us just because we are used to doing them or because we want to please other people. I was in the habit of saying “yes” to too much and being extremely overworked. I think that’s why those close to me see a shift now, because there isn’t that same exhaustion in my eye. I am recharged and SUPER inspired about everything I am doing. I also feel like I go deeper than ever before… Which is always a fantastic feeling. <3
↠ ↠ EGGS! // This might sound funny… but I didn’t eat eggs for a while for many reasons. They showed up on a food intolerance test for me but only lightly so I had to wait some time not eating them until the intolerance got out of my system. (I’m sure the Panchakarma wiped out those toxins…) I also didn’t crave eggs for about 6 months straight — they did not sound or look appealing to me at ALL. I’m now eating them again and craving them ALL THE TIME. It’s been so nice to have that variety back in my diet.
↠ ↠ Venice Beach Morning Runs! // I have been getting back on my running game with Venice beach runs a few mornings a week with my good friend and yoga teacher Calvin. It has been sooo nice to have someone holding me accountable, because let’s face it… 6:30a.m. wake up calls to go on a run just don’t always get you out of bed unless someone is waiting on you. It has felt so incredibly good mentally and physically to be running again — especially with my half marathon coming up in November it has been so great to get back out there because I’ve known I needed to! I am going for my first long run of the training this weekend… Shooting for 10 miles! Let’s see how it goes. 🙂
Thoughts?! What are YOU loving lately?! I know that I am LOVING all of your SOUL ON FIRE submissions for the series… It’s been a blast to read through them!! Keep them coming! XO