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How to Set Intentions & Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

January 3, 2018

Hi guys! A blog post two days in a row?! Who am I? This is very exciting to me, because as I mentioned in yesterday’s post one of my goals for 2018 is to blog more consistently again — even if it means that some of my posts will be short, sweet & in the moment.

( You guys are probably like, “THANK GOD her posts will be short & sweet! This chick writes novels every time she posts!” #lol, but really. )

This topic is something I have been so looking forward to covering, because it’s something I started doing last year that truly helped me manifest so much goodness into my life. Everything from finding my true love & twin flame (more on twin flames to come… it’s fascinating!), having my podcast reach the Top 5 in the “Health” category on iTunes, manifesting specific podcast guests (like TREVOR HALL in today’s episode!!), healers, and inspiring friendships into my life, and so much more — I truly believe that all of the great things in my life have come from a manifestation process.

Manifesting isn’t as hard as it sounds. You don’t need to sit on top of a mountaintop and meditate, you don’t need to channel God or experience Enlightenment, you don’t even have to be in a good MOOD. I swear. (Okay, maybe being in a good mood helps, but still.)

My process of manifestation is two simple steps:

1. In order to attract the things you want into your life, you simply have to put the message out there to the universe that you WANT those things.

2. You also have to put out the feeling & energy of what it would feel like to experience those things. Feeling the vibration of what you imagine it to feel like to meet the love of your life, or land the job of your dreams, is a huge part of it. The universe must feel you experiencing that feeling, so that it can give you more of the vibration that you’re experiencing & putting out.

Does that make sense?

Basically, you have to want it, SEE it & believe it. The more doubt you have, the more self-deprecating thoughts, and the more out of tune you are with your heart and soul and what you really need… the harder it will be for you to set intentions and manifest them into your reality.

Writing my December intentions in Bali… my true magical oasis. <3

A few other tips:

1. Get CLEAR on what you actually want, not just what sounds shiny & exciting, so that you can align with the vibration of the FEELING. For example, it will be easier to manifest abundance than to manifest $50,000. If you think $50,000 will make you happy, you’re mistaken. What you’re aching for is financial freedom, liberation, or the freedom to travel / quit your job / start your business / do as you please. Or maybe it’s a fulfilling career you’re looking for. Rather than harping on the minute details of what you THINK you want… get your intentions down to their bare bones, and go there first.

Similarly, rather than trying to manifest a boyfriend… manifest the feeling of love. Love is a feeling, something the universe can recognize and give to you. A tall, dark and handsome dude is confusing for the universe because they’re a dime a dozen and that’s not what you REALLY want… what you really want is to feel loved. That doesn’t mean you can’t get clear on what your future boyfriend LOOKS, acts, & feels like. By all means, write them down to a tee. I am all for detail, great detail. But also recognize that LOVE is what you are looking for, and feel that vibration while you also dream up every nook & cranny of this fabulous human. <3

2. Keep it simple. I’ve been known to get very lofty with my intentions. Like, “I want to start every day with self-care & end every day with self-care.” Yeah, that’s nice Jordan, but what does that MEAN? It really means… I don’t want to use my phone in the mornings and the evenings. I want to be present with myself and attentive to my body’s needs. What I want is freedom from technology. The feeling I am looking for is presence. So yes, I can set my intention to be present and focus on self-care. But the more simple and actionable I make my intention, the easier it will be for the universe to provide it to me. It’s okay to get lofty, but also give an action step if you’re going to stay in the loftier realms. (I can’t help myself, I’m a lofty dreamer!)

3. It’s okay & actually encouraged (by me at least) to repeat certain intentions month after month. It’s unrealistic to think that just because we write an intention on our list for January it won’t crop back up in our lives in February, March, April or beyond. I do think it’s important to set new goals and shift our perspective as the months go on, but I am a big fan of repeating the intentions that mean the most to me. Self-care is always on my list, and so is spending less time on my phone/computer, restructuring my routines, and prioritizing my health and wellbeing. Same with working on my next BOOK, because every month I need that reminder to stay on top of my biggest career goals. Whatever that looks like for you, repeat it as much as you need until you feel like it’s ingrained in your soul, or you’ve attained it!

4. Always reach for more. The fun in manifesting is that there is always something in the works for us. I believe that the process of manifestation builds off of itself, so what we are dreaming up for ourselves that we see YEARS down the line will only happen if our mini manifestations keep on taking place up until that point. (Not in a pressurizing kind of way, but an exciting, “I’ve got this, the whole damn way!” kind of way.)

I am so inspired by the “me” 10 years down the road, and the image of THAT woman keeps inspiring me to reach for me with my monthly and yearly intentions NOW. Has any of that happened yet? No, but that doesn’t matter. Time is an illusion when it really comes down to it, and we can create anything we want to if we believe in it.

5. Allow yourself to be a magnet for what you want. If you’re manifesting love, but you find yourself sitting at home all the time and unwilling to go out and meet new people… shift your mindset! I understand being in a rut or being in a very introverted place and not wanting to go out much (I definitely get that way). So reason with yourself a few new ways to go out and meet people that DO sound exciting to you. A few ideas are joining a gym and taking group fitness classes, signing up for a challenge at a yoga or fitness studio, going on a yoga or self-development retreat, or hanging out at a new-to-you coffee shop or restaurant. Then, while you’re there, be a magnet! Believe that what you want is coming your way.

6. Color-code your intentions when you write them down. This isn’t completely necessary, but I think the aesthetic and visual imagery of writing your intentions is just as important as the act of writing them. You want to look at them and feel inspired and excited, and using different colors even sends different signals to your brain! Pretty amazing!

7. Journal about them throughout the month and year, and hold yourself accountable. Writing your intentions isn’t a one-stop shop. If it were that easy everyone would be attracting MAGIC right and left, alllll the time (which is totally possible, by the way). Writing them down is an amazing way to ingrain them into your heart, soul and subconscious — and then keep them in an easy-to-find place so that you can check in with yourself throughout the month and journal about how it’s going!

BOOM! Not that hard, right?! I also like to find a cozy, inspiring place to write mine. Sometimes I like to do it on my yoga mat surrounded my candles, sometimes in the bath with palo santo and a good book, and sometimes in bed after I’ve saged my room and my body. Find your inspirational spot & let it be a sexy, joyous, intentional experience.

Now I will share with you my 2018 Intentions, which you can see in the photo below, and I will also write them out so you can read them clearly! To be honest, I got a little lofty and not so SIMPLE with some of these… but then Jonathan reminded me to make actionable steps so I would truly stay on top of my intentions this year, and the actionable steps are written out below as well.

My 2018 Intentions:

1. Every day begins & ends with self-care. (Baths, acupuncture, massage, infrared, meditation, kundalini, yoga, walks, healers, Ayurvedic treatments). More specifically, I will not be checking my phone or emails for the first and last hour of every day.

2. Check & respond to emails M/W/F from 12 – 1:30pm. Other than that, I will be email-free so that I can maximize time for creativity, interviews, meetings, personal life, exercise, and downtime to take care of my body & endocrine system. I very much felt like emails were taking over my life, and that every time I sat down to my computer I was a slave to an endless slew of responses. No more of that for 2018 with my new action steps!

3. Learn about herbalism & heal my body through herbs and plants. Because of this crazy fibroid and eczema I have been experiencing (just imagine what’s happening inside of my body when I see that on the outside!) I am inspired beyond all words to dive into herbalism and heal my body in a natural way. I will also be looking into herbalism programs, because this is something I see being a big part of my life moving forward — and tying in my love of shamanism, plant-based foods, spirituality, reiki, and self-healing/self-care all in one. My action step here is to read 3 books on plant medicine, and to find a program to sign up for!

4. Connect with the earth as often as possible: the beach, the moon, the desert, the forest. My action step is to either hike or go to the beach once a week — BY MYSELF to truly tune out and tune into myself. Spending time in the desert with Jonathan over the weekend was by far the most special, awakening experience I’ve had in a long time and I want more and more of that in 2018.

Desert moments with my babe, also my best photographer, my J. <3

5. Say “No” instead of “Yes” when you know you don’t want to do something. Don’t overcommit. Saying NO more often has been on my list for over a year, but this one is a little different. This is about truly taking the time to ask myself whether I have time and space to make a plan with someone or commit to an event. And then asking myself if I do have the time and space, do I want to commit to this? Do I need alone time? Rather than jumping to say yes because I am innately such a people pleaser. Then I often end up canceling, so I would rather say no from the get-go and avoid the canceling! And then I have space to say YES to what really matters — which is still a lot, a lot & more than enough. 🙂

6. Practice patience & loving-kindness. Don’t react. See yourself in all people and all things. I am a sensitive being, so I get my feelings hurt easily. My intention is to see myself in everyone and all things… so if I get hurt or bothered by something, I can put myself in that person’s shoes and more easily understand why they did or didn’t do something. I want to be more patient with my family and others in my life, and practice loving-kindness meditations on the people who drive me nuts. Life is too short to feel irritated or hurt by people.

7. Full, deep, nourishing breaths all day long. Jonathan called me out for this one because it’s really not actionable or that controllable at all (lol). So I changed it to “work on breath work for 5 minutes every day,” which will be in the mornings while I meditate.

8. Write my book & prioritize it in my schedule. Write a little every day, and blog every day. I changed this to blogging as much as possible, and still working on my book a little bit every day. This one is big for me, as this is my main goal of 2018!

9. Sync with my cycle, detox & heal my fibroid. My action steps for this one are the Panchakarma I am doing in two weeks (you can read more about the art of Panchakarma here), the Woman Code protocol I will be doing to sync with my cycle (read the book here, it’s AMAZING!), taking herbs every day like chickweed, rhodiola, and abhwagandha, staying off of coffee, syncing my workouts with my cycle, getting my IUD taken out (I only lasted 1.5 months…), and more. I will be planning my whole life around this so my action steps are pretty much EVERYTHING.

Now it’s your turn!! Set yourself up with a sacred space somewhere inside or outside of your home, get some colored pens & paper, draw inward & reflect, and set your intentions for the year and/or for the month.

Your choice on setting them for the full year — some people like smaller steps. I like both, and I write my daily intentnions every day too! I will do a post now soon.