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July 10, 2019

Hi hi!

So a lot of you have probably seen that I was frolicking in Palm Springs all of last week and it was pure, utter HEAVEN! I was staying at a detox spa and retreat center called We Care Spa. I didn’t share the name of it until I left, because my soul was craving a vacation that was a real vacation if you know what I mean… i.e. not sharing my whereabouts, promoting, or working. I needed to chill & just BE and it did my body so well.

However, me being me, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing all of the wonderful, relaxing aspects of my trip. We Care is known for their incredible detox programs and all around holistic healing vibe, from daily colonics, to juice & soup cleansing (with fiber drinks and supplements and more), to detox treatments, to cooking classes and shamanic ceremonies. It is an OASIS for healing.

After doing water fasts in the past, this particular detox felt like a breeze. I was there to soothe the intense digestive system pain I have been experiencing over the last few months, and to reset and check out before my upcoming wedding. I needed a solo trip to focus on taking care of my body, mind, and spirit.

Drinking the fiber drinks, juices, healing teas, electrolyte waters, and nighttime soups were all so soothing on my stomach, and they all kept me incredibly full. I swear I wasn’t hungry once while I was there. I was not there with the intention to lose weight but rather to FEEL better from the inside out, de-puff the major bloating I have had going on, and basically just spend a week in the desert healing.

I have also had intense PARASITES for the last few years. Soon I am going to share a blog post all about parasites and the parasite cleanse I am doing to get those bad boys killed ASAP, but for now I will tell you that daily colonics & liquid cleansing are two really great ways (combined) to kill parasites and bugs that shouldn’t be in our gut.

Other things in my gut that died off and got moved out this past week were… candida, mucus, gallstones, and cholesterol built up in my liver. If I have excess cholesterol as a plant-based person, imagine the cholesterol in all of our livers. It’s pretty insane to think about.

The best part of the week for me was being able to check out and be accountable to no one. I could go to bed when I wanted, read when I wanted, watch Real Housewives late into the night when I wanted, lay by the pool, get cupping and massage, eat dinner (soup) whenever felt good to me, join the shamanic ceremonies or chill in my room alone, work when I felt like it (launching WAKING BACK UP TO YOUR OWN SOUL!!), take phone calls or turn my phone off for hours on end.


For someone who is “on” pretty much all of the time, it is very, very necessary to shut OFF every once in a while.

I think shutting off for at least one full day a week is a must for any entrepreneur, or anyone really in our modern age of technology.

As far as treatments, my favorites while I was there were cupping and Thai massage. My body suffers from insane joint pain and inflammation due to Lyme (and due to blogging & sitting at a computer soooo much!), and both of these treatments worked a ton of built up pain and tension out of my body.

A shamanic fire ceremony we had one of the nights was deeply profound for me. I released several things into the fire, including my need for perfection, leading with fear rather than love, and the insomnia (anxiety induced) that has been plaguing me forever. I swear I slept like a baby the entire week and always made the decision to return to love. Never underestimate the power of a good shaman or healer. Their healer at We Care is… next level. I felt so connected to her.

Connecting to Mother Earth //

Speaking of connected, I also felt deeply connected to the earth while I was there. There is some major vortex energy swirling around in Palm Springs. I have felt this for a long time, but after this trip I noticed it more than ever. Every time I felt stressed or on the verge of being worried about something work related or personal (or that HORRENDEOUS article in the NY Times about Lyme not being a real disease, but we will save that for another day), the plants, the wind, the earth, and the stars reminded me to remain calm. They literally spoke to me, danced in the wind, and reminded me what was important.

SLOWING DOWN is important.

BEING IN COMMUNITY is important.



I swear I developed an intimate relationship with the plants and the rocks outside of my villa the entire week that I was there. The wisdom of the earth is beyond us. Feeling connected not only grounds me physically, but emotionally it gives me an overarching stability I find to be incredibly important.

Plants have taught me so much. If you’re interested in that concept, I go deep into it throughout the duration of Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul. I also created a Payment Plan for the course, which you can find here. I want to make this course accessible to as many people as possible. The cart is open and will close on 7/22!

Anyway, after my 8 days at We Care… 8 days of colonics, cleansing, self-care, rest, good sleep, and communing with nature… I feel like a new human.

The intense bloating and stomach pain I have experienced for so long is currently non existent. I know I will have to do a lot to maintain this good feeling- i.e. taking the herbs I bought at the facility since they worked so well for me there, eating tons of fiber in my diet (it works for me, not for everyone), having at least one liquid meal per day (either smoothies or soup), CHEWING my food until it literally becomes mush, and being incredibly mindful of food combining and avoiding foods that trigger my IBS.

I will do a whole post on my exact plan for this very soon, but the main truth is that it is so different for all of us. But I do feel really good about the plan I am on right now and I do want to share moooore!

So!! Biggest takeaways!!

  1. When you feel really yucky, it’s good to take a step back and re-evaluate WHY and how you can fix it. For me, I was eating too much stuff that doesn’t agree with me… from “healthy” granolas to grains to eggs (I can def eat eggs but not in major abundance) to lots of healthy treats and not enough fiber and binding foods. And I was definitely not properly food combining.
  2. Colonics work extremely well for me personally, especially in conjunction with a liver cleanse and/or a parasite cleanse. I am not recommending to do colonics every day like I did, as that is an extreme case and was in a professional detox environment, but once in a while a good colonic is GOLD!
  3. Letting go of stress is PERTINENT for healing.
  4. Self-care above all else. That could be as simple as taking a bath in the evenings or turning your phone off for one day per week.
  5. Nature has so much to teach us. Communing with the plants, the earth, the stars, the moon, the sky… all are so wise and have so many healing remedies for us.
  6. SURRENDER IS EVERYTHING. We can always choose to surrender.
  7. I will 100000% go back to We Care and already booked another stay for October… lol!

Okay! There you have it! Any questions? Would love to answer for you. P.S. my course is available from now until 7/22. Would love to have you on this journey with me. It’s being called an “at home retreat” by some of the humans who have started and I absolutely love that…! You can find a payment plan for the course here.