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February 4, 2021

Hello, hello my beautiful souls!

How is everyone doing? January flew by. I cannot believe it’s already February, and that we’ve passed my favorite date of the year 2/01 🤩. I really feel it has been an interesting year so far, with as many downs as ups. At least for me. I know everyone was so eager for 2020 to end, but I kept having the distinct feeling that the turn of a new year might not end up being the end-all-be-all miracle maker people were hoping for.

I say this not to be negative but to remind you that we can choose to live in the light at any time, in any space. Especially when things are hard. My personal life has been pretty wild ever since 2021 started, mostly due to health stuff and a ton of anxiety coming up around that. As many of you know I have been detoxing from Lyme & mold for years, and this year I have gotten some potent reminders that that is *still* very much a part of my reality, and something to detox from and not turn a blind eye to.

People see me online every day living my life to my most joyous ability and ask me how I healed from chronic illness. I know I look healthy and I oftentimes even feel really healthy! Hear me out… my mind lives in a place where illness doesn’t exist. I know how to tap into levels of consciousness where I disconnect from the body, and connect to my eternal spirit and heart. For that reason I can go weeks, even months sometimes feeling like I have this whole chronic illness thing handled.

But because I have huge intentions to heal fully, to optimize my energy, to become a mother, and eradicate Lyme/dis-ease from my body in all ways… there are times I have to live in the world too. I can still live in my white light bubble of a healthy reality (and trust me, I do! My meditations take me there every day!) but my physical body has true ailments that I can’t ignore.

As Ram Dass, my teacher in this realm & now realms beyond, says, “Before the stroke, I was on a very spiritual plane. I ignored my body, took it for granted. When I look at my life, I see that I wanted to be free of the physical plane, the psychological plane, and when I got free of those, I didn’t want to go anywhere near them. But the stroke reminded me that I had a body and a brain, that I had to honor them.”

I feel a bit that way about Lyme. It has come to me far earlier in life than his stroke had come to him, but if I had to guess I would think that the stroke came to him to be his teacher. To remind him that living here, taking care of the body and brain just as much as we take care of the spirit, is part of the human experience. Wow it brings me to tears to even write this. As much as I feel like I have been trying to do that, and I treat my body as my temple above all else, there is so much more healing to be had. So much more health and alignment and energy for my body to experience.

I am going to be real with you guys, this can be very frustrating. I have had quite a few breakdowns about it this year alone. Like hysterical sob on the floor breakdowns asking the universe why I even have to be on this planet experiencing this level of pain STILL. It can be impossibly tough to feel like my body is failing me. To feel like my body isn’t getting on board with the full healing I know and believe is mine to be had. But then I have to go inward, go deeper, and realize: Oh shit. The full lesson has not been learned yet.

My god you guys the full lesson really hasn’t been learned yet. I was told early on in my life that I “think through writing,” and now that I am writing this post I am realizing this yet again to be true. When I write, I get in touch with what I really feel. When I write, divine spirit flows through me. And when I write, the essence of truth comes through. So to give you a really honest & really real-time update, I still have lessons to learn.

The lessons I am still learning and soaking in are… to further slow down, to say “no” a lot more, to hold stronger boundaries, tap deeper into my psychic abilities, work on focus & commitment to myself and what is important to me, stop comparing myself to who I used to be, and worry less about what others think of me or if I’ve accidentally upset someone (this is big for Libra my god). I know my soul is calling me to tap into my inner artist and visionary. Put a LOT less pressure on myself. The pressures I do put on myself are beyond. Just wow.

I have a feeling many of you can relate. It’s like all I want is to heal so all I do is keep putting pressure on myself in other areas to “be normal” when the truth is I am not normal at all. In fact my friend Krista said to me a few weeks ago, “Why are we even trying to pretend like you’re normal and that you should be doing things in a normal way?” I have been leaning into that more this year and the GROWING PAINS OF GROWTH !!!! You guys. Oh my god they’re intense. I have had to stop and ask myself 19238198129 times, “Am I really doing this?” and then I have tried to weasel my way back into my nice little box of putting everyone & everything before myself and ignoring what I really need.

Okay, so that is the health update on a mental and emotional level. On a psychical and energetic level, I have been seeing my Chinese medicine doctor religiously twice a week this year (thanks to my angel Kenzie for bringing her into my life) and the news I have gotten has been intense. Think rampant Lyme, mold, parasites, heavy metals, radiation, liver issues, thyroid, and a few other things. The radiation is from 5G so I do want to encourage everyone to be really careful and invest in some EMF blockers — these have been life changing. More on that soon.

So now I am on about 20 high quality supplements, herbs, & detoxification homeopathics to pull this shit OUT. My doctor thinks it will take 4-5 months at the quickest but I am committed to getting this shit out in less time. I have been detoxing for years. I know there is still a constant buildup but I feel really good about the work I have done and my commitment to healing.

Other noteworthy things I have tried for Lyme & mold lately & in the past:

+ SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique) which is a treatment for Lyme and cancer that utilizes short DNA or RNA segments to block the expression of critical segments of genes needed for Lyme or viruses to survive and replicate.

+ Neurofeedback which is a treatment for the nervous system that can help calm brainwaves associated with agitation, obsessive thoughts and fear associated with this stress response.

+ Stem cells which come from a newborn embryo have been used successfully to treat Lyme disease symptoms. Studies show reduced fatigue, reduced insomnia, better concentration, less pain, and less symptoms overall.

+ IV ozone, hyperbaric chamber, hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditations, herbs and supplements, IV nutrients, Myers’ cocktails, IV Rocephin, water fasting, juice fasting, colonics, acupuncture, plant medicine, the Medical Medium protocol  & SO MANY OTHER THINGS are what I have tried over time and all of those things worked for me at different times in my healing journey.

What I currently do daily to manage my symptoms:

+ The herbs & supplements from my TCM doctor that I mentioned above. I don’t share my specific supplements because I think it’s important to be treated holistically as an individual since all symptoms are so different!

+ Celery juice and/or lots of green juice daily to stay hydrated, get proper nutrients, detoxify, flood my body with the good stuff, and flush out the toxins.

+ I sit in my infrared sauna for 45 minutes to an hour each day to REALLY sweat it all out, and I take a charcoal binder to pull the toxins out while I sweat. I recommend starting slow with the sauna and working your way up, because your body will re-assimilate the toxins if you are not ready for the full detox — which takes time. The brand of sauna I have is from Heal With Heat, and the code BLONDE will get you a discount + free shipping. I highly recommend them as they are the best of the best with the lowest EMF. The charcoal binder I can take can be found on my Amazon page!

+ I do a daily coffee enema for detoxification and to pull the toxins out of my gut and colon. This is amazing for those of us who struggle with detoxification due to the MTFHR gene which many who suffer from chronic illness do. This is also amazing for parasite removal, liver support, skin, regulation of digestion, and of course for constipation. A question I get often is do we become reliant of coffee enemas if we do them too often? Of course we are all different but I don’t believe we do if we are using the correct green coffee (very anti-inflammatory & low caffeine) that is not addictive to the body. Just don’t use a harsh dark roast — that would not feel good!

+ I do daily mindfulness meditations where I envision myself as the healthy, energized, free spirited, LYME FREE version of myself walking about the world and doing what I love. I love Joe Dispenza meditations for this, as well as my recent Cosmic Meditation that I released on the podcast is a great way to connect deeper with the body, your spirit guides, your angels, and your higher self.

+ I have a strong spiritual practice outside of my meditation where I connect with my angels, spirit guides, nature, and my soul through writing & taking daily walks outside. GROUNDING is a proven healing technique where you electrically reconnect to the earth. The negative ions charge your body and reconnect you to the beautiful healing power of nature.

+ Journaling & doing the Artist’s Way, which reconnects me to my inner artist & inner child.

+ I take many supplements for the gut and for bloating, which have greatly relieved my body from constant discomfort from food, etc. I LOVE Arrae‘s bloating supplement (code BLONDE for free shipping), MaryRuth Organic‘s liquid probiotic (code BLONDE for a discount), as well as all things Cured Nutrition CBD (code BLONDE) for relaxation, digestion & healing.

+ My PLANT BASED DIET !! All the way. This healing, anti-inflammatory way of life has been truly healing for me, and has been the absolute biggest game changer of all. I developed The Celestial Diet ™ to really be able to share this healing, SOS-free, anti-inflammatory way of life in a bigger way. Lots more on that to come. Be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter to receive those updates!

+ Weekly colonics, which are a total game changer. To continue releasing toxins, especially in a deeper way than the enemas are able to do. I think of enemas as maintenance, and colonics as the deep healing.

+ Mindful movement: walking, yoga, Pilates.

+ Tons of relaxation & SLEEP. I sleep for 9+ hours a night or else I am wrecked. My healing body has needed a lot of rest, and I think getting enough sacred sleep is one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves. To be real with you I cannot sleep these days without melatonin or CBD, so I usually take both at night!

+ Plant medicine, all the way, baby. 😉 I do a lot of micro-dosing, and my deeper Ayahuasca & psylocibin journeys have brought me an extreme amount of deep peace.

+ Healing music! I listen to mantra music, binaural beats, Ram Dass, and Abraham Hicks on repeat. All the time. I cannot listen to intense music or watch intense TV shows/movies (for the most part — I do love a good dark TV show) because I really believe the energy and frequency of everything we spend our time doing sticks with us.

+ I surround myself with positive people who get me. My tribe is everything. I have the dearest friends in the world, and I have released my toxic friendships/relationships from my life. This is huge.

+ I use only CLEAN / non toxic products in my home. I love the brand Branch Basics for this, and you can use BLONDE for a discount. 🙂

Alright! I know that is a lot but I truly cannot even convey to you in one post all of the things that I do to heal!! Again, I recommend heading to my Amazon shop page to find more of my favorite healing products — physical & spiritual! If I had to choose ONE thing that is helping me heal the most right now, it would be finding my TCM doctor and the deep work we are doing together. She is truly shamanic. The second thing would be releasing toxicity in my life, and the third would be meditation / journaling.

My husband and my parents are also my rocks. That has been huge in my healing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a supportive group of people around you, whether that group be big or small. Having Lyme has cracked my heart wide open and taught me to ask for help when I need it, and let help in. I really feel Jonathan and my mom and dad have been my angels in this process… and for that I am forever grateful.

Any questions below? I would love to hear them. Do you struggle with Lyme or chronic illness? Would love to hear about YOU & what has been working for you below. Share all with me !! 💜✨ Massive, endless love to you & I hope this post has helped you in some way.