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March 18, 2021

With this post, I am drawing a boundary for myself and for all women who stand in the light. Women who are brave enough to share their lives online in hopes of making at least one person’s world a better place. Women who have been slaughtered, time and again, by mainstream media because the media fears powerful women, change, and especially warriors of the light. It appalls me how insecure these writers must be, and I am acutely aware of the fact that these articles spewing hate toward myself, so many others & now the wellness industry as a whole are always written by (white) women, and always stop at no bounds to attack, misconstrue, spread lies, and ultimately cast a massive shadow of darkness over their readership.

When they go low, we go high. This article is not to slam anyone or wage any type of war. It’s to draw a BOUNDARY both energetically and physically, and to hopefully help the world by adding to the conversation that enough is enough. We are so sick and tired of the media’s boring & cruel agenda to tear women down, mostly by lying entirely. This post is about true spirituality — which means standing up for what’s right. This is an open letter to all of the journalists who have fucked with me, the industry I love, so many humans I love, and so many powerful women I admire.

Once you read this article I encourage you not to slam the writer of this hit piece (it may be hard not to 😅) or even go and read the piece, but rather to second guess clicking on click bait articles that tear down women. Corporate media is dying and they are truly and profoundly stopping at NOTHING to stay relevant. It’s sad and embarrassing for them. We here in TBB community are warriors of the LIGHT & we don’t have time for this shit. Somehow I was dragged and sucked into it yet again, and I used to wonder WHY am I so polarizing? All I want is health and happiness for all living beings… lol. But I know why: people who are filled with light are always going to be confronting MIRRORS for people who are sad, sick, unhappy, and mentally disturbed.

So here we are, this has not happened to our community but FOR our community, and if it happened so that this important conversation could be facilitated then I’ll be damned if I don’t write about it. We all know the darkness will never win, and this darkness is something these sad humans will have to deal with day in & day out for eternity… while this is just a blip on our radar. In a way it’s almost comical, but what’s not comical is how deeply this affects women’s mental health (mine included for many years) to be the butt of a cruel joke they have nothing to do with.

So let’s back up for a moment. Last night it it was brought to my attention that there was a hit piece written in a major mainstream publication using my name and likeness for click bait. Nothing new, right? 😅 In the last 8 years I have been dragged through the media and have had words put in my mouth about so many topics that are truly BORING AF but are made to sound salacious because of the desperation of the dying form of art otherwise known as journalism. For example, in 2014 I was vegan and then ate some eggs and had headlines all over the global news for FIVE YEARS titled: “Veganism almost killed this woman.”

And then there was the time I stupidly spoke to a journalist at great length about my battle with Lyme disease, and even connected her to my Lyme doctor for deeper references & the science behind Lyme, and she included us both in a hit piece about “the cult of Lyme disease.” In the article she implied that women with Lyme were suffering from nothing but mental health issues and needed psychiatric help. When I read that piece, it was terrifying & heartbreaking to realize how corrupt humanity had become. Luckily, global readership has come a long way and it was pretty obvious by then (even two years ago) that people no longer bought into the bullshit. Floods of support came through and it really restored my faith that the greater collective of humans out there were beginning to UNDERSTAND that most “journalism” is a lie.

From there I have never spoken to a journalist again. Shockingly, that doesn’t stop them from writing about me (and so many others) in unsolicited, grotesque, painfully untrue and salacious ways. This latest hit piece was a real doozy. Not just for me, forget me, but for wellness in general. Wellness, my friends, is not rooted in darkness. It’s quite literally the opposite, and because everyone knows that, the media will stop at nothing to tear it down. People are SO threatened by the light it’s truly sickening. Like all industries, wellness has its snakes that talk nonsense (fucking duh because we live in a fucked up world), but overall wellness is a beautiful lifestyle & industry that makes the world & people’s lives a better place. “Wellness influencers,” bloggers, health coaches, functional medicine doctors, holistic healers, and any & all people living in the light have nothing to gain financially by drinking green juice, trying alternative health methods, and sharing it online. Literally nothing to gain except the one important thing we care about most which is people being HEALTHY & HAPPY & EDUCATED & AWARE.

I was actually contacted about this recent disgusting piece about “vaccines” by the writer about two months ago and I told her in no uncertain terms that I would not be speaking to her, had no interest in being a part of the article, hoped that her piece would be lovely (because I’m a nice person and I am endlessly hopeful that people & media corporations will do better), and said I have no interest because “I have been so misrepresented, misquoted and attacked in the media in the past so I am extremely careful.” Well folks, she never responded and then went on to write a hit piece without actually ever speaking to me once. She had no qualms about using my name and likeness publicly and with wild abandon even after I told her not to, but the people she quoted who “spoke about me” (I actually have to wonder if this is the writer Hayley herself) have had their names changed for their own privacy.

I will not link the article because I’m fairly certain it already has more clicks and reads than any other piece on their site due to the valid outrage from the entire wellness community 😂 — for example, their Instagram photo promoting the piece has 3,000 real human comments (that are all fucking awesome), and their typical Instagram photo has less than 5 comments, from robots no less. Do you see why the media drags innocent people who are interesting, like us?!?! It gives them clicks, which makes them money, which keeps food on their writer’s tables, all at the expense of attacking, lying, bullying, shaming, and spreading lies. Literally. THAT is the world we live in.

So even though I am not linking the article let’s address it for a moment. In it I am called a “whitewashed privileged anti vaccine, science denialism activist” among so many other things, and my green smoothie recipe is also used as the click bait intro to the article which ok ok I am flattered by 😅 HMMMM. Ok so I have a lot to say about this. 

1. How fucking yawn is it that they had to use the term “whitewashed”? White… washed? Because now the simple act of MENTIONING that a woman is white means that the media has a right to tell them they’re an awful human being. (I have absolutely no reason to deny that I am white & that I have all of the privileges that come along with that & do the best I can every single day to make the world a fairer and more just place. Just because I am white does not mean that I am automatically a conspiracy theorist who denounces science. It’s such a reach it’s laughable. What in the actual *&@&$*W!!!!!)

2. I am not anti vaccine. This writer went back into the archives of my podcast to find a Q&A in which I mentioned that I PERSONALLY am not planning to get the C19 vaccine “at this time.” I also stated that I would not speak further on the subject because I would prefer to have a DOCTOR on the show to speak on it scientifically. Vaccines are not for everyone, period. & it’s certainly not for me to PROMOTE getting it or not getting it. Some people (like myself) have genetic mutations that make vaccines very difficult to assimilate & this is proven science. Nothing woo-woo about it. Could I still change my mind? Yes!! I am as open minded as they come & I am not anti anything.

People with chronic illness have to look at things differently and I genuinely believe mostly everyone in the world realizes that. We are extra careful and are not typically first in line to get vaccines. But we don’t discourage anyone from getting a vaccine who wants to! That’s just so not me. Chronic illness adds a whole different layer to things. Vaccines can affect people with chronic disease differently, and that has NOTHING to do with any conspiracy theorists!!!!! Many people are hesitant to get the vaccine and most (99%) are not affiliated with conspiracies. Everyone has their OWN reasons.

This is a sensitive topic that people should decide for themselves. Unfortunately the press and our government make it hard to simply get the FACTS.

My family has been vaccinated. I support them. I encouraged them to receive the vaccine, because they wanted to!!! I don’t care what other people do because it doesn’t concern me. I was a vaccinated child and teenager. There is nothing about me that is “anti vax” just because in one podcast episode, one time, I said I would not personally be first in line to receive the Covid vaccine. To label someone an “anti vaxxer” in this day and age who is not that is so ridiculously low, because we all know it comes along with the labels of “she’s a quack, she’s craaaaazy, she’s one of those deniers!” Please if you want to get the vaccine, get the vaccine. If you want to, I want you to, and I get it. Do what you please. 🙂 Always!

3. I am not a science denialist. This is laughable. I am so intrigued by science — I am currently reading a book about the physics of the inter-dimensionality of time. It’s wildly fascinating. I’m reading another book about the history of physics and how it relates to spirituality. It’s way more fascinating than a hit piece written by a writer that hates women. Point blank, there is nothing on my page or podcast or blog that could be used to say that I am a denialist of science. Also, it’s no secret that big pharma is corrupt in general and that’s an actual fact. A FACT.

4. To tie me in with conspiracy theories / Q anon is an actual joke as well. I have publicly stated many times that Q anon is not only something I am not affiliated with, it is dangerous and is taking away from real issues that need to be discussed. I have a whole podcast episode on this with Marianne Williamson where I state multiple times that these conspiracies are dangerous & scary. The whole rhetoric of trying to tie in every healthy person who is interested in wellness or rooted in the wellness industry WITH conspiracy theorists is just wrong and people see right through it at this point. 

5. There is no such thing as the dark underbelly of wellness. Like I said, there are corrupt people in every industry, in every walk of life, in every space, and there will be for all of time. What we should really be highlighting is the dark underbelly of journalism. Think about the mental health concerns of women who have been dragged in the media to absolutely no avail — Britney Spears, Meghan Markle, Mia Farrow, Princess Diana, Amanda Bynes, Jessica Simpson, Demi Lovato, Amy Winehouse — I could go on. MENTAL HEALTH is what I am concerned about at this point and I am just grateful to be in a place where I can handle this level of hate in the media and not want to crawl into a hole and die.

6. The most hilarious thing about the article is that the first line is, “You could say it all began with a smoothie.” She then goes on to describe the ingredients in one of my cinnamon spirulina bowls I posted about a handful of years ago. LMAO. Is this an article about my successful recipe developing or… about the dark side of wellness? I’m waiting…

7. The media outlet that wrote this article is not a health outlet. They are a fashion magazine. Do we see and understand how corrupt the media is yet? Do we understand that they are feeding lies into the world in any way, shape or form they can find at this point? Because they are threatened by the light and everything the light entails…

8. The writer of this article also wrote a hit piece about Britney Spears and likened Britney supporters to Q anon conspiracy theories, but “celebrity-obsessed” ones. So it’s clear that this writer is threatened by powerful women, has a serious issue with all things conspiracy, will go to great lengths to compare everything she comes across to Q anon, and has no problem tearing down a woman who has been slaughtered by the media for her entire career which almost cost her her life & did cost her her career and her children (Britney).

9. At the end of the day I really want to thank this writer because these are serious, SERIOUS conversations we need to be having about the sickness of the media and I am happy to have them here on my platform. The media can no longer get away with this bullying, lying, anti-EVERYONE that doesn’t FALL INTO LINE exactly the way they are told to rhetoric, and also the media cannot get away with tearing apart women who have struggled. It’s undeniable that Britney has struggled with her mental health. I have struggled with my physical health. I have never one “promoted” my Lyme healing protocols, in fact I go to great lengths to always say, “this is what works for me and please don’t do this at home.”

10. I have never promoted any of the things that this article has said I promoted, not one, and if that’s not enough factual evidence to show you that media is strictly propaganda skewed toward what they want you to believe, then I really don’t have anything further to say.

11. Thank you for the free press yet again because honestly to be the introductory 5 paragraphs to an article I had absolutely nothing to do with and have absolutely no relevance to the topic at hand is actually flattering. 😂

12. I know this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with how people threatened are by the light, so don’t worry I am level headed enough to KNOW THIS. This is still a boundary I am drawing and this boundary is deeply important. I have witnessed my friends get slaughtered as well as myself and I am just done.

13. Wellness has been a threat for as long as I can remember. Because the truth is, healthy people don’t make money for corporations or big Pharma. Period. Think about this. What DO we make though? Glowing, healthy, happy, radiant lives… so dangerous. 😉

I could go on, but the truth is… I am realizing something more and more with every passing day… we who live in the light, spread the light, and radically LIVE & BREATHE the light, are going to be scrutinized by people who live in the darkness every damn day until they wake up. What I know for a fact is that I will no longer let the media use my name for their senseless propaganda and as I have shared on my Instagram, am in the midst of taking legal action.

What I want YOU to know if you are here reading, is that it’s worth it to live in the light. It’s worth it to be a person who shares their truth, goes against the grain at times, and is an actual thinking human rather than a robot who is out of touch with their feelings & reality. No one here is anti science. No one here is a conspiracy theorist. We are just honest, hardworking, light-filled people who live healthy lives and make choices for ourselves and support others who make choices for THEMselves.

The content of the article aside, how is this okay???? How is it okay for the media to do what they do, and make money off of it at the same time? I literally don’t know how these individuals sleep at night, but what I do know is that we as a collective and a community and every woman who has been slighted by the mainstream… will rise above it. We are here to rise above it. And in doing so we will make a dent and change the world for real, I really do believe that.

And also, if you did find your way to the article itself, do yourself a favor and read the comments on the IG post posted by the publication 😂 it’s phenomenal to see not a single comment supporting the article itself. There are thousands of people who are awake, open minded, and living their damn lives who know that the media at this point is full propaganda and cruelty.

FINAL WORDS: I AM FILLED WITH HOPE & COURAGE!! So many people are awake and kind and full of love. THANK YOU to the hundreds of you who have reached out and supported on social media, email, DM, text message, etc. Last night I had dinner with a friend and looked down at my phone to over 100 text messages from friends near and far offering support. THAT restores my faith in humanity. That made my heart happier than words could ever say… and gives me hope for this world because lightness always overcomes the dark.

& as with all things like this that happen, NOT saying anything about this craziness also speaks volumes to me. There is not a single person I work with that hasn’t reached out (my podcast team, my TBB team, my designers and copywriters and photographers), and that shows me what an incredible, supportive, light-filled team I have surrounding me. Every kind comment, re-share, or post of your own about this narrative helps because it adds light to a conversation that has otherwise been very dark. I am consistently reminded how full of light this world is and that is thanks to you guys. Let’s keep doing this good work of being good humans who don’t slander people. 🤍

I love you all — and back to regularly scheduled programming from here on out. 💕