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happy 2/01 + 300th episode + 12 things!

February 1, 2023

My loves! It’s 2/01!!! My lucky number, the number that has followed me for the last 12 (!!) years, the angel number that always shows me that I am absolutely on the right path. It always pops up to tell me that everything is going to be okay and that magical things are happening. It has also become an angel number for so many of you guys over the years, and that makes it all of OUR special, lucky, tbb day today. <3

And guess what? We literally couldn’t have planned a more synchronistic or aligned day for my 300th (!!) podcast episode to come out… *totally unplanned* today, on 2/01! Like literally, I couldn’t have planned for this to happen. I have had episodes coming out every Wednesday for 6 years, and my 300th just happened to land on TODAY!! So we did something incredibly special for today’s ep & you’ve gotta tune in. I will talk more about it below. 🙂

With that, let’s get into this week’s 12 things! It was going to be 12 things Tuesday, but let’s just say that Tues absolutely got away from me. So here we are. <3

1. We’ve gotta start by talking about today’s podcast episode!! For my 300th episode I wanted to do something that has never been done before, so I enlisted Jonathan to host the ep. 😉 He HAS hosted the pod before (my 201st episode!! & my bday ep last year!) but I knew he would really flip the script in a fun way to make this special, celebratory 300th something really different & unique. And HE DID!

He literally shocked me and blew me away. I thought he was going to interview me the whole time, but he actually had asked 12 people in my life (!!!) to each send in THE ONE question they were dying to ask me, and I was stunned. Each person on the list stunned me more than the next. He wanted to make it an eclectic group people that would surprise me and the listeners — so it was a combo of people I am close to, successful people I (and we all) admire, and a few random big surprises to keep us on our eyes. 😉 It is so, so special and truly one of my most favorite episodes we have ever done. You guys have got to listen & tell me what you think!! Eeek!! (We are also doing a HUGE giveaway in the ep for TEN separate winners, so be sure to enter away!!)

2. I went to breath work tonight and it was everything my soul freaking needed and more. My friend Celeste invited me and I am so glad she did, because I wouldn’t have gone on my own. Something about me is that while I love all of the fun classes like breath work, yoga, sound baths, etc. I really don’t often go out of my bubble. I go to the same yoga studio all the time, have been taking the same yoga teachers for a decade, do a lot of at-home meditation, and so on. It takes a lot for me to try something new. But when we step outside of our comfort zones, that’s where the magic happens! I am so glad I went and I highly recommend it. We went to OPEN in Venice & I believe you can still use this link from my pod to get a discount there or on their app!

3. I have to be real with you guys and tell you that I have been in a very rough place with my anxiety. It’s not even just anxiety at this point, but panic attacks. Super frequent panic attacks. It is something I am dealing with on a daily basis and am being super easy on myself as I get it sorted all out. It is definitely giving me an immense compassion for anyone else who has to deal with mental health issues of this nature… I have been through a lot with my health, but this is by far the hardest thing I have ever experienced.

4. I have to give a shoutout to my mom because she is the best in the world. She has been my ride or die my entire life, but when the going gets tough she really shows up for me in the most incredible ways. We have been attached at the hip lately more than ever, and she has been my wingwoman for all of my work, workouts, interviews, taking care of Attie, etc. It makes it so much easier to get through the panic attacks knowing that she is there. I feel so damn lucky to have the best mom in the world.

4. Umm I know a lot of you have noticed the MATE the Label x TBB collab that I have been teasing on my stories!! The DM’s have been out of control, bc everyone loves MATE so much! Can you believe it?! Such a special freaking manifestation come to life. I am lucky enough that the founder of Mate is my dear friend Kayti who I met through our mutual doula & postpartum doula, and now our baby boys are the cutest friends. 🙂 We have gotten so close on this motherhood journey, and we wanted to bring something special to life together for you guys. Launching in a few weeks… keep your eyes peeled, eek!

5. Update on TV shows / movies I am into right now. We finished Dead to Me, and omg. The ending shattered my heart. I didn’t want to start that series because I actually thought it looked really cheesy, but it wasn’t at all. It was funny, sad, heartwarming, really well-written, all the things. I started watching the Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde the other night and I may be the only person who hasn’t seen it yet — but I thought it was really good so far!! Apparently most people hated it, but I am such a Marilyn fan I think I would love anything that even remotely has to do with her, lol. What TV show should we start next?!

6. Speaking of TV shows… I have been manifesting having the cast of Vanderpump Rules on my podcast for years now, and I have been the biggest VPR Stan for an entire decade. On Monday, Scheana Shay of VPR and I did a podcast swap and it was literally everything. We had so much fun, I adored her, and we talked all about the upcoming launch of their show next week. I cannot wait for you guys to hear the episodes — she and her co-host Jamie asked me the most thoughtful and deep questions, and it was the most fun interview I have done in a long while. PS let this be a reminder that manifestation is real!!

7. I have been playing around with my diet recently, because with all of the anxiety and everything else I am experiencing in my life right now, I really needed to switch things up. I have not been strictly vegan, and have been incorporating some nourishing fats like ghee, raw cheese, colostrum, etc. I will talk more about this soon but wanted to put this out there… our lives ebb and flow, and while we can be so passionate about our diet and ways of life, the most important thing at the end of the day is being healthy so we can show up to the world as our best selves. I have always been passionate about this topic of *balance* and listening to our gut, and plan to share more about this soon.

8. Ummm can we revisit the fact that I have recorded 300 freaking podcast episodes?! And that you guys are the reason why I get to do this for a living?! Some standout guests over the last six years have been the Medical Medium, Mel Robbins, Melissa Wood, the Long Island Medium, Ryan Holiday, Gabby Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, and so many others — not to mention, the podcast is also how I met 90% of my dearest friends. Jenna Zoe, Krista Williams, Kenzie Burke, Kimberly Snyder, Lacy Phillips, the list goes on… I met all of them bc of originally having them on the podcast!

9. Just a reminder that you never know what someone is going through unless you are truly walking in their shoes. I have had so much more compassion recently for everyone and everything because the act of simply getting through the day with the panic that I have been having puts the world into perspective for me. So many people are living with debilitating circumstances / experiences, and the best thing we can do is show up in the world and be KIND. We all need so much more kindness. & that’s how we’ve gotta raise our babies! <3

10. Atticus is 13 months now and is reaching so many cute new stages of babyhood. I mean he is officially a toddler now how insane is that?! 🥲 He is so loving, gives us so many kisses, and his favorite word is hands down “PAPA” (for my dad, his fave person in the world). He is pure joy and sunshine in human form. There is truly nothing like it. He is my greatest medicine and my sweetest, most perfect angel in the world. I feel SO lucky to be his mama. I live for his smile and his little teeeeeth!!

11. Cooking is underrated. I have been horrible about cooking for the last year or so (Postmates is my life, lol) but I have been getting back into it lately and have REALLY missed it. It also just feels so much better to eat fresh, homemade, nourishing food.

12. If you’re going through it, just stop and take a moment to breathe. Four breaths in, holding at the top, and four breaths out has been changing my life right now. Just had to share the love for anyone who is in a similar boat. <3

Yay for this new weekly series — this will get me blogging regularly again and I am so thrilled about that. I love you all SO MUCH! Who is listening to the pod today?! Tell meee!! I love you all so much. Please do comment below, it is so so fun connecting with you guys in this way. I love you to the moon & back. Thank you for being here, and happy 2/01 woo!! XO