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12 Things Tuesday! <3

August 29, 2023

Hi hiiiii my angels! Welcome back to 12 things Tuesday. I was talking to a friend last week who reads these emails, and she was saying how impressed she is that I have been so consistent with these posts this year. It feels good to be back on the blogging train. So now I can officially call myself again “a blogger who blogs” which is a very big deal these days lol. Most bloggers are just on social media now I feel. But we’ve gotta keep bringing the old school hub back!!!

Ok! Let’s get into it. Today’s 12 things!

1. I am finally finishing my book proposal this week and it feels like the culmination of a LIFETIME. It feels so, so, so good. And wild. For those of you who don’t know, I have been working on this book loosely for about 8 years. But I finally wrote the whole thing from start to finish beginning in May. I am still doing some big edits on it, but the book proposal itself will be ready to send to my agent sometime this week. AND I had my designer (who designed this website and has been working with me for 10 years!) make it super pretty. EEK. I am over the moon.

2. Because I have been living the book editing life, I am literally in my pajamas midday right now and I hate to tell you I haven’t even brushed my hair or my teeth today lol. It’s horrifying. And I haven’t eaten a bite of food today yet! I am GLUED to the edits and living my old school writer life like back in my college days. But it’s fun. I thrive off of days like this.

3. We are getting soooo close to the new TBB merch coming out — we have had a few last minute pushbacks because the vendor ran into some delays sending me samples of the final product. But we are SO CLOSE. Like two weeks, to the day. Get exciiiiited. I am freaking out with excitement.

4. I have been having the weirdest stomach pains for about a month now. At first they would come and go but now they’ve been pretty constant. It feels like my intestines are being snipped by scissors or like daggered with a knife? It feels AWFUL. It also kind of reminds me of what contractions felt like when I was in the early stages of labor. Wtf? Has anyone else experienced this?!

5. I feel like it could be parasites… even though I have been on the parasite healing train forever. I think it’s time to try some new parasite herbs and see how they work out. Ahhhh.

6. Speaking of that, I am thrilled to have my dear friend Organic Olivia of “What’s the Juice” on TBB in a few weeks! I am going on her show too! She is an herbalist who makes incredible herbal mixes and parasite detoxes, etc. She also just got married. Her content is amazing and you guys are going to love it / her.

7. Also, this week’s guest is incredible. Coming out tomorrow. My alignment coach and astrologer Eric Roberts. I know after this episode releases he will be booked to the high heavens. You guys will LOVE HIMMMM. Jonathan even had a reading from him last week! It was super special.

8. Ok so weird ever since I mentioned the stomach pains above, they have only intensified like times one billion. What a horrible feeling. I hope no one else is feeling this way. I almost wonder if I have the intestinal flu?

9. Atticus was so cute and fun this weekend. He is getting to be such a KID now rather than a baby/toddler (well he’s def still a toddler) but it is just the craziest thing. He is so sweet and gives everyone kisses. He thinks blowing a kiss means waving hello. I want him to believe this forever!

10. Speaking of Attie, I just started reading the parenting book by Janet Lansbury called No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without ShameI LOVE her approach. The mindset is that kids are inherently good, and if/when they act out it’s a sign that they need something more. Maybe it’s more attention/love, a call for help, or they are trying to communicate something they don’t know how to communicate yet. Atticus is in a new phase where he is getting a little territorial at the park, etc. (pushing a little…) and the tools in this book are helping us navigate this new territory so so much.

11. Do you guys have any tips for this toddler behavioral stuff?! I feel like there are so many parents who read this blog. <3

12. Oh I also just finished the book Dark Matter that I talked about in last week’s post, and it is AMAZING!!!! I am now reading Bunny by Mona Awad, and I have to say… it’s the most twisted freaking book I have ever read. Like ever. It is so dark and mysterious and weird and crazy lol. But if you’re into that stuff, I highly recommend it. It is very well written and I am hanging on every word. Albeit I am pretty confused lol. Dark Matter though, a MUST!

13. One more because I have too… our friends had an engagement party this weekend, and while we were there we found out it was a SURPRISE WEDDING! They absolutely shocked all of us! This was the coolest and most special surprise of all time. I still have chills all over my body. Josh & Liz, you guys outdid yourselves. 🙂 They also had a TATTOO artist (I was so tempted), a weed bar (Jonathan definitely partook, lol) and the most incredible singer there, so many games, it was just so fun. A day & night we will remember forever. <3

How is everyone else doing this week?! Happy Virgo seasonnnn! Sending you all so, so much love!