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12 Things Tuesday!

September 5, 2023

Hello my loves! How was everyone’s long weekend? We had such a fun time, and it really reminded me that I believe every week should be a 4 day work week, 3 day weekend. I just think it’s so nice to have that extra day at home with family, getting organized, spending time together, having downtime, etc. Can we all collectively agree on this? And this is coming from a totally workaholic lol so if I feel this way, I am sure others must too?!

Anyway, I have had kind of a wild week other than that which we will get into below. So let’s dive right in today. 🙂

12 Things Tuesday <3

1. I just went on a massive cleaning spree. Something gets into me a few times a year where I feel like I cannot even sit down until every inch of the house is spotless. I feel like maybe this is how a lot of really clean freak people feel all the time — I definitely only feel this way *once in a while* but when I get the cleaning bug, I realllllly go for it. Today I cleaned our bathrooms top to bottom, vacuumed the whole house (including the sides of our beds etc which was so satisfying), unboxed all of the boxes that have been piling up, rearranged our room, purged a few bags of clothes (been doing this consistently so there wasn’t a ton this time), rearranged Attie’s drawers… did the whole shebang. Jonathan did a lot too. It felt amazing.

2. On that note, I am shocked I had the energy for that today because it has been a nutty week. If you follow me on IG then you may have seen that I was in the hospital last Tuesday :/ for some extremely painful unexplained abdominal pain. In fact, when I was writing last week’s blog post it was flaring so much I mentioned it twice! Ahhh. Thank you for all of the extremely kind words you’ve been sending. <3

3. I ended up canceling almost everything last week and just staying home and resting. It was much needed, and although being sick was the last thing I wanted to experience… being home, resting, getting so much sleep, and being easy on myself (so hard as a perfectionist…) in the realm of work was incredibly healing. I need to do that more often.

4. This week I am seeing a new GI doc as well as my functional medicine doctor, and I am hoping that we can at least start to get some answers to what may be going on. If you have any ideas, I am all ears!! Comment below. Much easier for me to read comments here than DM’s which tend to get lost (but I love those too).

5. I have been reading a TON and have been so very inspired in the fiction world lately. I mentioned last week that I finished the books Dark Matter and Bunny — both of which were very twisted and fascinating, but Bunny was the most twisted. I am torn on whether I would recommend it because I feel like most people wouldn’t like it. I however loved it, because I love that kind of thing. If you like books that are reealllly psychologically mind bending, unique, dark/strange AF, a commentary on humanity, possible mental illness / psychedelic vibes… then maybe you would like it, the way I did haha.

Next I read The Circle, which was a fantastic and also quite dark story about the a tech company that becomes nearly tyrannical. Kind of wild because our future could be headed in that direction… which is very scary. But the book itself was really good, I’d give it like an 8/10 (at times it felt slow). Overall I think most people would really like it!

6. Now I am reading Johnny Carson’s autobiography, written by his lawyer! It’s so entertaining so far. A great break & very LIGHT after all of the darker fictional deep dives — which were also fun but in a different way.

7. We are finally shooting our new TBB merch this week — ahhh! I am so excited. And so ready. These designs have been in the making for months (and in the visionary process for YEARS) and it will feel so, so, so good to finally launch. Launch day will be next week, mark your cals!! 9/13!!! You can shop our current collections here!

8. I am still super into matcha, which I never thought I would say. I love the way it gives you a caffeine boost but without the same jitters that coffee can bring. And also, I feel like my skin has been loving it. The brands I am loving are Pique Tea & Cymbiotika! With Cymbiotika you can use the code BALANCED for a discount. 🙂

9. I got a little behind on the podcast for the first time in forever, because I had to postpone a bunch of interviews last week when I was sick. Formerly I was so ahead I had to take a break because the episodes were coming out so much later than we recorded them. Now I am going to be catching up this week — so you can look forward to some spontaneous last min guests (the most fun kind), like my best friends, Jonathan, and lots of solos. 🙂

10. On that note, what are your requests or questions for solo episode Q&A?! Don’t be shy! Leave them below!

11. You guys are gonna LOVE the new mug in our TBB merch launch… I am currently drinking my matcha out of it and it is making me smile. 🙂

12. I just have to link this sciatica stretcher I got on Amazon. As you know if you follow me closely, I have had raging sciatica and back problems in general since my pregnancy with Atticus. I use this little stretching device on my lower back every night, and I also put it behind my back while I work/write. I am using it right now. It’s not the cure all by any means but it feels really good and I highly recommend!

How is everyone doing? I want to hear from youuuu! ILYSM! PS if you want a good laugh, check out this TikTok Jonathan and I did over the weekend 😂