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12 Things Tuesday ♡

December 12, 2023

Hiii besties and happy Tuesday!!! This post is going out later than usual today, but I would not miss a Tuesday to chat with you guys. We got home late from Kauai last night – and I mean laaaate. As in, Atticus was running around our apartment at midnight playing basketball with my dad 😂 he was so thrilled to be reunited with Nana & Papa he refused to go to sleep!! It was a sight. And a lonnnggg day, but the most worth it ever because Kauai was a literal dream.

I will do a Kauai recap post with all of our top recommendations, and will also leave some recs below! Can’t wait to share with you guys, as that is always a top request whenever we go to any of the Hawaiian islands. For now, let’s get into today’s 12 things. 🙂

12 Things Tuesday ♡

1. I currently feel like a zombie because we were up so late, and the travel day yesterday was bonkers. The flight from Kauai to LA is only a little over 5 hours, but with a toddler who refuses to nap it feels like the longest 5 hours of life, lol. He was honestly so good for most of it, but hours 4 & 5 were roughhhh. And he also didn’t want to eat anything, so he was both exhausted and hungry!! But Jonathan and I discovered a game on the plane’s entertainment system called “ball defender” and I don’t even know how to describe it, maybe it’s sort of like Tetris (kind of??), and I became ADDICTED. It was so fun and Atticus loved it too. I swear it got us through those last few hours!

2. If I could give any tips to parents traveling with kids, my top tip would be: even though it’s going to be difficult and exhausting, DO IT ANYWAY. Don’t let having little kids hold you back from traveling, seeing the world, and creating memories as a family. We kept talking about the fact that this trip to Kauai was the BEST trip we have taken as a family so far. Atticus is old enough now to really have so much fun. He loved the beaches, the pools, the hikes, spending such quality time with us and our friends, and just exploring the island. I wouldn’t trade these family trips for the world, even if the travel days can be a little (or a lot) hectic.

3. I feel like I should do a post about packing / traveling with toddlers, because I feel like we’ve finally gotten it down to a science. And also, traveling is a great time to start a new habit with a toddler or put a break in an old routine. This trip I think Atticus pretty much weaned off of his nightly formula bottle, and I know if we had just been home in our usual routine that never would have happened. Every night in Kauai he was just asking for water!!

4. I swear, my body was made to be on the Hawaiian time zone. I really think this is true and has something to do with my past lives and beyond. In Hawaii, it is so easy for me to wake up with the sun around 6:30am, and go to bed at 8:30pm. Like literally by 8:30 I cannot keep my eyes open and fall asleep so easily. In California, I am a night owl, cannot wake up in the morning for the life of me, and toss and turn in bed until past 4 in the morning (including last night). WHAT is this all about!!!

5. I have been working on my book and recently started incorporating a lot more Pleiadian stuff into the book as it has been channeling through… and my connection to the sweet Pleiadians has been growing ten million fold. I have missed channeling them and also talking about them on the podcast, and I hear you guys when you tell me that you miss it too!! I am on another massive starseed deep dive, and cannot wait to share what has been coming forward. 👽

6. Speaking of, have you taken the starseed quiz on the homepage of my site?!! What starseed are you?! Tell meeee!

7. We did the most special family photoshoot in Kauai and I cannot even tell you what an angel Atticus was. I am obsessed with capturing every phase of his life because it all moves so quickly. We were just saying, even the difference between how he was when we were in Cabo in October and how he is now, is WILD. He is so much more of a “kid” now rather than a baby. I try not to get caught up in the anxiety of how fast it all goes and wanting to soak in every moment…. but having children really does put time into perspective in a big way.

8. I am listening to my favorite 444 Hz music on YouTube right now and this is just your monthly reminder that this is such a great background vibe for your day. 🙂 I have it on in the background while I’m working pretty much 100% of the time!

9. I read some VERY good books in Kauai. One of them was called If You Telland it’s a real story of a family’s life that truly sounds more like fiction than reality. The mom covered up three murders, treats her daughters in crazy abusive ways, and gets away with it for the majority of her life. It’s a really interesting take on how we protect our parents at all costs, and what it takes for her daughters to eventually wake up and report her. If you love real life true crime type of stories, you will devour this. But fair warning… it’s not light reading!! And it really stuck with me, I keep thinking about the family and all that they went through. So so wild.

10. Now I am reading Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult, and for my fiction lovers you will love. It is so well-written and so far I am on the edge of my seat to see what happens…! So far it’s a 9/10 from me — very good!

11. We are getting closer and closer to the launch of TBB meditation platform!!! Are you on the VIP waitlist yet?!VIP’s will get first access to launch pricing, epic giveaways, live channelings, and so much more. I am so elated to share this magical portal with you.

12. Being reunited with Huddy last night was the best thing ever after being gone for almost a week. He slept in my arms all night and gave me so much love. There is truly nothing in the world better than the love of an animal. <3

How are my fave people!? I know today’s list was a little all over the place… I feel very frazzled today lol. Tell me how you’re doing! I cannot believe it’s almost the holidays (and already Chanukah!!), time is FLYINNNGGG.