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12 Things Tuesday! 🌟

February 20, 2024

Hiii fam!! Happy, happy 12 things Tuesday!! I missed last week’s post due to a major influx of things going on in ~life~ lately. I will explain more below.

Anyway, how is everyone else doing today? Can you believe it’s already Pisces season?! I somehow feel like this year is flying in a way that is already twice or three times as fast as the energy of the last few years has been… does anyone else feel that way?! It’s wild!!!

Let’s get into today’s 12 things!

12 Things Tuesday //

1. I had theeeee most nourishing lymphatic facial today with my dear friend Tess Adams at Take Care Beauty in Venice. She is truly a magic worker with her hands and I cannot tell you how glowy and at ease I feel after spending that time with her this morning. Also, she is a single mama to a little boy who is exactly Atticus’s age & it truly amazes me what a super-mama she is doing massage, raising her son, running her business, all the things. If you’re local to LA, book a facial with her! You will not regret it!!! Genuine rave review from me over here. <3

2. Speaking of all things SKINCARE… I have been SO, so, so, so into my Bon Charge Infrared Face Mask. Photo evidence of me using it / living in it as the main photo on today’s post! What I love about it is that it promotes more even skin tone, it reduces the signs of aging like fine lines & wrinkles, it gives a visible reduction in redness and blemishes (I would know, I am the eczema queen), and it also promotes firmer & younger looking skin. It’s magic. If you are intrigued as I was, I recommend checking it out & getting it stat!!!!. Even better, they’re offering a mega 25% discount for the next 48 hours only. Use my code TBBJORDAN25 at checkout HERE and try one for yourself.

3. I currently have my Lucky Girl Affirmations track on repeat in the background right now and it is giving me liiiifeeee. “I am in divine flow with the essence of abundance. I am fortunate every day. I’m a lucky person, good things happen to me.” Yes please.

4. Speaking of, have you joined us in the meditation platform yet? It is shaping up to be so much more than meditations. It’s affirmations, yoga, kundalini, pep talks, video, live events, community, friendship, ALLLLL the things. I am so, so excited about it. if you have any questions about it at all, LMK below or email me at [email protected] and I will send you a sneak peek of one of our medi’s for free!!!

5. After much deliberation I decided to keep founding members’ pricing live for the platform so we can just continue to get as many wonderful humans in as possible as we grow. Now is the tiiiiime, my bb’s.

6. I am working on new TBB merch as we speak and the samples just came in the mail!! The vibe and the colors are AMAZE you guys are going to be shook.

7. I have been inspired to eat wayyyyy more protein lately, thanks to my dear friend Celeste Thomas. We had a big convo about it the other day and after I totally broke down about having very, very low energy lately we chatted about how important it is for women (especially pregnant and/or postpartum women) to be getting enough protein. I am specifically loving having “protein fluff” a.k.a protein pudding for breakfast lately. Will share recipe below. But also please send any recipes or recs my way for upping protein!!!!

8. The protein fluff I am into right now is just a combo of one scoop of chocolate protein (I love Lil Sipper’s Nuzest chocolate protein, and I also love Truman’s chocolate protein). I also sometimes add a scoop of collagen and/or ARMRA colostrum. Then I just mix it with water until it I a pudding-like substance, and I top with berries, nut better, chia, granola, a Meet the Source ball, anything I am in the mood for that day!! It keeps me full for so long, I love it so much.

9. We were in Palm Springs this weekend and it reminded me how important it is for my soul to get out of LA from time to time, even when I am super into my routine. I have been VERY into being home and nesting lately, so much so that it was hard to motivate myself to LEAVE this weekend. But it felt so good and was so rejuvenating. Reminder to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and tune into the magic that comes. <3

10. Attie’s hair is long enough to be put in a man bun now, and let me tell you… it is my faaaavorite thing in the universe. He is so damn cute it hurts!

11. I have really been expanding my team over here within TBB lately and it is so, so, so helpful. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to have more support and not have to juggle it all on my own. I keep such a tight pulse on everything in my brand, but letting in amazing professionals to help me out is quite literally the best feeling in the world. So grateful.

12. How are all my fave people?! I want to hear from YOU! Tell me how your week is going, your 2024 so far, alllll the things. <3

ALL MY love, from my heart to yours!! Xoxoxo, Jo