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8 Happy Things Lately ♡

March 14, 2024

Hi loves! Two blog posts in one week? Heck yes. I miss the days of posting every day, but since those days of the internet have long shifted I figured twice in one week was a good place to land.

I am laying in bed this morning feeling VERYYYY affected by daylight savings (just me? anyone else? please tell me) and literally feeling like I have traveled across the world due to the ‘jet lag’ vibes I am feeling, lol. And I really don’t feel like doing anything but blogging, so let’s go!

Anyway, before we begin, how are you feeling? Check in with yourself and just take a moment. A deep breath. A hand over your heart. You deserve it. We move through life SO fast and lately my mantra has been all about slowwwwing down. Slow slow slow. It’s very hard to do but I believe when we are able to master that practice, everything can shift. Everything.

It seems like there are so many things happening in the world of TBB (and in my personal world) lately, and since my 12 things Tuesday posts are usually more all over the place & deep, I felt like we needed a post *specifically* for all of the happy things going on in the brand lately. (And omg — my word count is stuck at 201, my lucky number, you can’t make it up. My WordPress has been doing this since I started blogging eleven years ago. Just wowwww.)

Thank you for being here & letting me share these happy things with you!! Tell me your happy things below. I always want to hear!!! ♡

8 Happy Things & Life Updates & Beyond!

1. Tonight we have a super special live event with my medium, mentor, and dear friend Nikki Novo. She is the celeb psychic we all know & love, the woman who taught me how to channel, and she has a waitlist of over 1,000 people. This evening you can hear from her directly in my membership platform, and you can do a live Q&A with us, learn how to channel and tap into your intuition via Nikki and her teaching, and so much more. This would normally be a $500+ experience, and you can join for literally $11.11 if you join my monthly membership. OR less than $10/month if you join yearly. Like honestly even if you join for this event & nothing else for the entire year, it’s so worth it. Even though I believe you’ll fall in love with the content once you’re in there!

2. I am 21 weeks pregnant with my baby girl and the time is FLYING. My bump app tells me she is the size of an endive today (lol, what a funny comparison) and I feel her kicking and moving all the time! We had our anatomy scan last week and it was so fun to see her sweet face. I feel like she already looks just like Atticus, but in her own feminine way. I can’t wait to welcome her into the world in 19 short weeks… or less! Gah!!

3. Yesterday we had a new solo episode drop, and it is a new favorite!! I am LOVING doing solos even more than usual and have honestly contemplated transitioning my show to 90% solos at some point. Let me know if you’d be into that. Tune into episode 361 to hear all about the 15 things I’ve learned since raising my vibration. It’s a riff off of my blog post from the other week, but we go way deeper on the pod because I can really talk through everything. There are also tips for raising YOUR vibe in there. Would love to hear your thoughts & if you’ve listened!! Listen in here or wherever you like to get your pods!

4. I dropped a few hints about this in the podcast episode, but I am embarking on a somatic training later this month. I am so excited. I have felt called to somatic healing for a long time, but never felt like it was the right time to dive into something new. I am mostly excited to dive into this training so that I can use these practices in my own life and for my own healing, but I am equally excited to share my learnings in the platform & infuse all of the somatic exercises and goodness into meditations, flows, affirmations, pep talks, and beyond. If you are interested in the training itself, you can go here to see the one I’m doing, and the code BLONDE will get you $1,000 off of your training. <3

5. New TBB MERCH is coming! I am hoping early April but am still waiting to hear back from the vendor on whether that soon is for sure feasible. The designs and styles are my favorite we have ever done by far — I feel like they’re the most universal and that you guys are going to absolutely love. Who is ready to add to their collection?!

6. I have been wrestling with a big decision for nearly two years and this week, that decision was taken off my plate by things outside of my control… which was actually amazing. This was something that would have been *huge* for my career, but I am not so sure it would have been great for my mental health, my family, or my wellbeing… at times the choice to say “no” seemed like a no-brainer but the workaholic in me (and the girl within me who is always up for an adventure) kept wanting to say “YES.” All in all, the opportunity fell through for reasons that had nothing to do with me — and although there was minor disappointment, I trust that the universe did this for a reason. I deeply trust that it was the right thing. And I am grateful to no longer be ruminating on that decision AND to not have to second-guess myself for any decision that I made, whether it was a yes or a no.

7. The most exciting & happy thing by far (other than the pregnancy) in my life right now is CHANNELING for the platform!! I always felt like I would have a platform where I could channel my deepest knowings, magic from higher realms, all things Pleiaidan, life-changing and quantum-shifting meditations, and so much more… and it’s finally arrived. Having our amazing community in there only makes it that much sweeter. Join here if you feel called, I FEEL like if you haven’t, it’s time!??!

8. We created a super fun quiz for you to receive your own CUSTOM meditation schedule within the platform! And you don’t even have to be a member to do it!! Go here to take the quiz & claim your custom routine. <3