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Let’s Talk About Pleiadians, Shall We?

May 3, 2024

This is a repost from my new Substack! Come follow there, I am super excited about it. I will still be blogging here too, but I feel like Substack is the future and I would love your support as I become consistent over there! Will be going ALL IN on the starseed content on there. 😉

Picture this: a blonde, 20-something wellness influencer gets deeply into spirituality and starts exploring cosmic consciousnesses. She awakens from deep within and uncovers intuitive gifts that shift her entire being & radically change her life.

Then, because her mind expands so quickly, her body gets sick. She goes on a chronic illness healing journey and ends up meeting parts of herself that she never could have fathomed existed. The cosmic consciousness in her DNA reawakens a little bit more every day, and ultimately that is what helps her heal.

She remembers past lifetimes. She starts unlocking her Akashic Records. She lives in the world, but she is not of it. On the outside she seems incredibly normal, she is incredibly normal by society’s standards, but truthfully she is a “bridge between worlds.”

She is more comfortable in the cosmic realms than she is here. She loves it up there. She understands that her life’s mission is to bridge the gap between earth & the realms beyond—the 3D and the 5D (and even higher). Some days she feels like she’s nailed it, and other days it feels like she’s barely scratched the surface or begun.

Some days she wishes her purpose was more grounded & less cosmic so maybe she could not feel 4382029301 years old and deal with the most intense aches and pains (and rollercoasters of emotions) of a starseed in a human body, but other days she knows.

She knows this is her purpose. This is why she came here. It’s why she was born into this world but is not of this world. And every day she gets to remember the beauty and the blessing, albeit mixed in with the intense challenges, of merging the two worlds.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, but I bet you have: it’s me. That girl is me. Hi, hello, et moi. Otherworldly but grounded, in some ways. Alive, awake, here and ready for the experience. 33 but often feel as if I am in my late 100’s. Wife, mother, influencer, content creator, and channel between worlds.

Also, there just aren’t enough people talking about cosmic consciousness. And by that I mean, almost no one—no one that I know at least.

So I accept my fate, and I have learned to love and embrace it. I am actually thrilled by it. I am here to talk about cosmic oneness, specifically from my favorite star system, the one where my soul most comes from (and still vibrates on and within in many ways)—the Pleiades.

Say hi to the Pleiadians. They’re totally here with us now as I write. 🙂

The Pleiadians came into my life in a big way in 2017, but once I “met” them I started to put the pieces together to understand that they had been a force in my life for much, much longer than that. They had been channeling through me my whole life without me realizing it.

Like when I was in first grade and somehow wrote a 100 page chapter book in the blink of an eye? Pleiadians channeling through. To this day they often come to me in the form of writing, so I end up typing 10,000 miles a minute!

But lately they also come to me through “wisdom transmissions,” a.k.a bursts of information that get translated into my spoken voice and that has been really fun. Actually, it’s been the most fun thing in my life so far. I love creating transmissions with the P’s. I created a whole membership platform around these transmissions recently called The Quantum Method & it has lit me up from deep within. AND this platform has only just begun—there is so much to come.

Once the Pleiadians came into my life in this human lifetime, everything started to shift. Drastically. I met a shaman who told me that I would get very sick if I didn’t wake up to my own cosmic consciousness and begin to listen to the wisdom of the Pleiades above.

However, the shaman happened to tell me this while I was on a girls’ trip for my friend’s 27th birthday, and there was just no way I had the tools to implement everything necessary for me to start fully channeling at that time.

So, what happened, you ask? I got super sick. For many years. With chronic, debilitating, late-stage neurological Lyme dis-ease.

It was both awful and the best thing that ever happened to me. I will get way, way into it in future posts. But for now, let me just tell you, channeling the Pleiadians woke me back up to my own soul.

It took me several years to become consistent. In fact, it wasn’t until this year, SIX whole years after my Lyme diagnosis ad seven years since meeting the P’s, that I started a practice of channeling on a daily basis. In the way that my soul has been called to do for a long, long time.

The Pleiaidans have taught me so much. They are advanced spiritual beings, guardians of the earth, telepathic healers & teachers with a commitment to peace and oneness. They are of fifth dimensional consciousness, all love and light, and they simply want to help our planet evolve.

It also helps them when we evolve. The entire universe is in it together. I have so much to say, and in my next post I will introduce you more deeply to the Pleiadians & tell you what it is that they most want you to know. And how they can influence your life in a positive way, too!

In the meantime, I had to share this. I was actually up all night thinking about this. I am reading a new-to-me book about the P’s and our cosmic DNA right now, as I nearly always am, and the words were *screaming* at me from the page: share this info, write about it, this is your purpose, this is what you came to earth for, this is why you are here, stop playing small, stop hiding behind more palatable spiritual platitudes like manifestation & affirmations—and do. the. real. work. you. came. here. to. do.

So here I am—I am doing it. And I want all your thoughts.

If you feel connected to starseed consciousness, come along for this ride. Bridge between worlds, at your service. <3 PS if you are reading, leave a comment below so I can say hi & thank you for being here!

Love you all,


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