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Episode #227

ft. Annie Lawless: Founder of Suja Juice & Lawless Beauty on All Things Entrepreneurial, Wellness, Motherhood & Clean Makeup

Jordan’s longtime friend and incredible creative entrepreneur Annie Lawless joins the show today in this episode about creating brands, healing, wellness, family and the OG blogging life. Annie is the co-founder of Suja Juice & founder + CEO of Lawless Beauty, as well as a new mama and a true wellness guru.

If you’re looking for the go-ahead on your business idea, then Annie’s incredible insights and tips will inspire you to no end. Suja Juice was born from a pure passion for clean living. It started as a home delivery service, which coincidentally is how she met her now-husband, which we talk about! Now it’s a nation-wide company & a household name. Her most recent clean makeup venture, Lawless Beauty, snowballed from a petite lipstick collection to a full-on portfolio that’s taken Sephora by storm. You’ll get all the inside scoop on the latest products and the magic happening behind the scenes.

There’s a nostalgic walk down memory lane as “grad-school dropouts,” with flashbacks to their blogging days and being part of the wellness scene when it was in infancy. Annie gives us an update on how her life has changed since becoming a mother to a darling daughter, Daisy, and her newfound appreciation for a quiet and fulfilling family life.

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