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Episode #228

Will Cole: Intuitive Fasting, the Inflammation Spectrum, Healing & Functional Medicine

Dr. Will Cole’s tailored, integrative approach to functional medicine has helped thousands worldwide find the root causes of chronic disease and autoimmune issues. As Jordan continues to heal & gets ready to unleash her long-anticipated Celestial Diet to the world, it’s been hugely expansive to have experts on the podcast sharing their insights into holistic food, health, and happiness.

Dr. Will is a proponent of finding homeostasis in the body to reset our fast-and-furious relationship with food and educate ourselves on how we interact with eating and our bodies.  This episode dissects the scientific benefits of INTUITIVE intermittent fasting in great detail, separating the facts from the fad and reframing any triggering aspects that could have scared you away from leaning into what is a very natural and inclusive lifestyle. The great news is that you can integrate so many food modalities into the fasting framework (including plant-based), enjoy your coffee with oat milk (like Jordan does!), and still reap the rewards.

So many people suffering from chronic illness turn to Dr. Cole for guidance. His second book, “The Inflammation Spectrum,” was transformative for Jordan’s battle with inflammation, and he has so many tools listeners can start implementing right away. It’s incredible to hear that, even after all this success, multiple book deals, and media presence, he still packs his day with consultations and spends a year and a half with most patients on their journey to healing.

As always, there’s a sprinkle of spirituality as Dr. Cole opens up about integrating mindfulness into his everyday life, his recent foray into astrology, business goals, and so much more!! Plus, they are both Libras. 😉

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