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Episode #229

Jane & Byron Younger: My Parents on Healing, Spirituality, Plant Based Life, & My Awakening

FAN FAVORITE ALERT! Jordan’s parents Jane & Byron Younger are back on the show!

In this deep and intimate chat, Jane & Byron take a walk down memory lane and talk all about what it was like raising Jordan. They open up about their unique parenting styles, the spiritual lifestyle hacks they’ve adopted from their adventurous daughter, and how it’s been watching her evolve into the creative entrepreneur and “cosmic” being (Byron’s actual words!) she is today. 

Like so many last year, their lives were touched by Covid and they both had a difficult recovery journey. They discuss how they found the physical and mental strength to heal, and how the experience shifted their perspective on alternative medicine and chronic illness. 

They’re now both seeing Jordan’s Chinese medicine doctor, eating plant-based, drinking celery juice, and watching Ayahuasca documentaries. 😉 It just goes to show that we’re constantly evolving and becoming bigger and versions of ourselves in all stages of life. We hope this inspires others to have these deep conversations with their parents and that people are open to evolving at any age. 

Thanks to everyone for sending positive energy while they were healing. They’ve both been such influential guides and mirrors to Jordan’s life, so it’s incredible to share a snapshot of their family with Jordan’s other family – all of you! 

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