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Episode #230

Kelsey Patel. Be a Lioness for Your Joy! Beating Burnout, Overcoming Anxiety, & Living in True Happiness

Kelsey Patel is a true inspiration for joy, friendship, love and living life on her terms. Not only is she a world-renowned Reiki master, motivational speaker, and author, she’s also one of Jordan’s dearest friends and even officiated her wedding. She recently had her first book come out talking about the topic of overcoming burnout. 

Joy is everything to Kelsey. She sparks so much light in the wellness community and has served so many people with her spiritual gifts. Last year was a monumental year for her, personally and professionally. She released her best-selling book “Burning Bright,” launched an incredible app, “Pure Joy” and opened a hotel, Miracle Manor, in Palm Springs. 

Yet even the brightest, shiniest people can have rough days. This year has been heavy in so many respects, and it’s a relief to honor those low-vibration moments alongside external “highs.” Kelsey’s honest conversation about her most recent burnout is a breath of fresh air for anyone who constantly feels overwhelmed by the pressure to be productive. The urge to be self-critical, draw comparisons, and feel triggered on social media is an issue so many of you will relate to. 

Kelsey also shares how she explores creative projects privately with spirit before manifesting them to the public. Plus, the effortless synergy she felt birthing her first book about burnout and breakthrough during a pandemic when people needed it most. 

Kelsey’s unique resources (her book was such a gift during Jordan’s water fast) and words are open invitations to examine oneself, ask conscious questions, and always find YOUR sense of joy!

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