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Episode #231

A Conversation With My Future Self & Spirituality Q&A Part 2

Our Soul on Fire fam is so special to me, and I love all of the questions you sent in for this episode! I answer those along with going into a conversation with my future self, and reaching you how to do the same. This solo episode is a great opportunity to connect with you guys & give an update and perspective on all the monumental shifts that have been happening in my life. Because… it’s been a lot’ 

Where to begin!? I go on a full-on heart-opening spree of all things spiritual. I’ve been communicating a lot with the future 60-year old ancient medicine woman that burns bright inside of me. I channel her today while reflecting on the “stretchiness” of time and visualize the incredible life journey waiting for me. Right now, I’m focusing on unleashing my creative voice and working on my energetic boundaries to allow my light to shine through in the best possible way. I talk about writing a fiction novel, my upcoming meditation program, and developments on the upcoming Celestial Diet. Plus, I go all in on your questions, covering just about everything in this universe and beyond: from spirit babies and skincare, to manifesting happiness and a house!

There’s a definite feeling of change in the air, and energy protection and boundaries are a big focus for the future. Life throws the craziest curveballs, messages, and gifts to us all. While many things on the horizon are uncertain, rest assured that I am here walking (and dancing) alongside all of you.

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