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Episode #232

Britt Deanda & Tara Schulenberg: Kundalini Yoga, Conscious Friendships, & Elevating the Globe

Britt Deanda & Tara Schulenberg are back on after their first appearance on the podcast four years ago. Jordan just happened to be calling in a Kundalini guide to learn more about the ancient practice, and the universe sent her this incredible light-filled duo. Now they have been dear friends for many years. 

Since their first show, they’ve birthed so many spiritual gifts for the community. From Elevate the Globe, a wellness hub that helps activate your emotional body and tap into higher consciousness through Kundalini and spirituality. To their recently published book, “Good Morning Intentions,” which they conceived in the most magical and mystical of ways. They discuss their rituals in great depth and unpack the energetics behind each of their teachings. Their powerful ability to break down an ancient practice into digestible chunks without sacrificing the authenticity of the original teachings (The Kundalini Research Institute approves of their book) is so inspiring. 

This episode is a true voyage into the vortex! They discuss visions, auras, colors, energies and reveal how their psychic abilities have developed during their spiritual awakening. They also chat about the 5th dimension and personal experiences of darkness on the physical plane to reach a place of hope, higher healing, and light! 

Most importantly, this episode is an invitation to have fun with spirituality, surrender to Source and be playful wherever you can! After all, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. Or, as Tara so eloquently puts it, “the act of surrendering is not giving up, but allowing the energy to flow through you so that you can experience something beyond what you were ever able to conjure up or imagine.”


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