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Episode #238

Jessica Murnane: Know Your Endo, Reality T.V. & O.G. Blogger Chat

Fellow O.G. blogger, creative consultant and author, Jessica Murnane, catches up with Jordan about her new book, Know Your Endo, a groundbreaking educational resource for those who have endometriosis: a disorder so many women, worldwide, suffer from in silence, due to shame, lack of information, and misdiagnosis. As you’ll find out in this episode, this condition is so much more than “painful periods.”

Jessica’s book distills her own years of suffering from endo and searching for the management tools to feel normal again. She researched tirelessly to combine her own experience with science, giving you an informed, heartfelt, and hopeful five-week guide to help you get through to the other side. It’s accessible, safe, and empowering to know you’re not alone, your suffering is real, and it’s not in your head!

After ten years in the wellness & health space, Jessica is now setting her sights on a future that is yet to be written, but will most certainly be fun, fresh, and light-hearted. Both, herself and Jordan, are fleshing out ideas for fiction & they also bond over a love of Bravo shows. 😉 Jessica has built an incredible career, family life (her son is an expert on periods and endo, which is just too adorable), and a beautiful kaftan wardrobe, despite her chronic condition. So for any of you crippled in pain and feeling alone: you are not defined by your illness and have a friendo in Jessica Murnane.

Jessica’s Favorite Reads:

Jessica’s Favorite shows:

  • Younger
  • The Bold Type
  • Love Sick
  • Dynasty (new one!)

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