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Episode #239

SOLO. All Things Celestial Diet & Lifestyle, Q&A, 5D, Manifesting Love, Spiritual Practices & Beyond

I’m so happy to connect with our amazing TBB fam for another solo ep from me to you. You guys know these are my favorite episodes. In this ep I answer all of your burning spirituality & 5D questions you sent in and give you so many details on the BRAND NEW (!!!!) Celestial Diet and Lifestyle 7 day program!

There are so many juicy topics that I love to talk about in this episode, from my microdosing and plant medicine awakenings to manifesting love to all things celestial.  I also share my anti-aging, beauty, and health staples that are, so far, keeping me young. 🙂 Finally, of course, there’s some spiritual tarot deck, light being, and Pleiadian nuggets for all my starseeds out there! 

Stay tuned until the very end, when I’ll reveal the 7 pillars of the Celestial Diet & Lifestyle and go into depth about the content, energetics, and intention behind the program, which I hope will change your life as much as it has changed mine! I hope to have you in the program!!! 

Join me on Sunday, June 7th for the LIVE launch of the 7-day Celestial Diet and Lifestyle Program. It’s going to be a week of pure magic! With a meal plan, ascension and awakening tools, including nine audio meditations and daily journaling prompts. I can’t wait to see you there. The cart will close on June 6th, so join us nowwww!!! 

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