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Episode #240

Belen Salomon: All Things Entrepreneurship, Fashion & California vs. Texas!

Queen of the classic T, fiery entrepreneur, and clothing designer, Belen Salomon, joins Jordan (and Hudson) for a girly chat about fashion, branding, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. 

In a world of colorful chaos, Belen Salomon brought our wardrobes back to basics with a neutral line of casual apparel that makes you feel great and doesn’t cost the earth. She shares her entrepreneurial journey from stylist to designer, and the business decisions she made to ensure everything – from the manufacturing process and female-led team, to the colors and product names – were loyal to her authentic vision. It paid off! No influencer can get enough of her streamlined collection of classics. 

Business aside, Jordan and Belen discuss Belen’s recent move from LA to Austin and how she’s settling into the slower pace of life in the South with her husband, rescue dog, and squirrel! She reveals the professional and personal transitions she went through during the lockdown and reflects on the lessons learned after three years of building a business from the ground up. Budding entrepreneurs, take note; there are so many juicy takeaways for you guys!

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