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Episode #241

Bethany Ugarte: All Things Digestion, IBS, Healing, Explant Surgery & Blogging with Lil Sipper

You probably already know Bethany Ugarte from her incredibly inspiring and interactive Instagram (@lilsipper – her childhood nickname btw)! She’s one of the OG Instagrammers and bloggers who has built a hugely successful brand by exposing her vulnerabilities and sharing her health journey (that saw her heal from extreme IBS and gut issues) with the world. Sexy it isn’t, relatable and helpful it VERY much is! 

Bethany replays her health trajectory, which at its worst had her severely underweight, unable to digest solid foods, riddled with parasites, and comatose. After seeking holistic guidance, she managed to retrain her gut muscles to process food and is now healthy, happy, and thriving inside and out. Throughout her journey, she shared her story and has now released, “Digest This,” a book to help all those struggling with their gut health. Like Jordan, her following are her family, and they both love to connect and help their tribe. 

The girls go deep and also discuss Bethany’s explant surgery, blogging journey, building her career, and more! 

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