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Episode #242

WE’RE HAVING A BABY!! An intimate convo with Jordan & Jonathan

WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! We are so excited to share this news with you guys. Jonathan and I recorded this episode once I hit the second trimester mark to share our most thrilling, life changing news yet. We are so grateful for our expanding family & so, so happy to be able to take you guys along for this part of our lives. 🤍

Also, I want you all to know that healing from Lyme is possible. Fertility is possible for you, whether you suffer from chronic illness or have had trouble conceiving. I hope this episode will bring you all of the excitement and love that we feel right now, no matter where you are on your journey!

Our hearts are so full and I can’t wait to share this next chapter with our TBB fam! For anyone out there trying to manifest a family, I see you and hope my story inspires you to keep the faith. Even if your physical body is not quite up to speed with your heart’s desires just yet, it will get there.

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