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Episode #243

Solo: Pregnancy Solo Q&A Episode!

I’m in my second trimester! Jonathan and I have been basking in the love and light from friends, family, and ALL OF YOU who have sent love, questions, tips, and stories. This feels like such a serendipitous moment to talk about motherhood and answer all your baby-related questions. Plus, it’s Cancer season, so talk about perfect timing for this convo about home & family. 🥰

In this episode, I share how I tapped into the energy of fertility and pregnancy, my intuitive downloads to release control, and the messages I’ve received from my (spirit) baby. I dig into my food cravings, plant-based pregnancy hacks, supplements, and the ways in which I’ve been taking care of my body and mindset. We’re keeping the gender reveal under wraps for the moment, but I get into astrology and potential human design. 🙂

I know everyone’s connection to motherhood is so different, and my intention is to shed light on my experience – especially for those who have gone through a process of healing or loss of any kind. My community of friends, mentors, and healers have been so expansive during this time, so I sincerely hope I can be the same for you!

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