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Episode #244

SOLO: Spirituality, Pregnancy & The Top 5 Tools in my Spiritual Awakening Journey

I’m on a solo roll right now!

My pregnancy has me in such a retrospective mode, so this spontaneous recording was an unexpected fun one (more on that in the episode) to record. I love weaving together my pregnancy story with everyone in this soul-on-fire community. Today I’m unpacking the BIG question I’ve been receiving from you all: how I healed my chronic illness and Lyme enough to get pregnant and what my spiritual awakening before getting pregnant looked like. 

For the OG listeners out there, you’ll know that this has been a long journey. I’ve gone through A LOT to get here, and as anyone who has gone on a spiritual quest will tell you, there were breakdowns before the breakthroughs and so many lessons I had to internalize before I could sit here and encapsulate it all in a 5-step process. Full disclosure: It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it!!

I share the core elements of my spiritual awakening. From the out-there stuff, like plant medicine journeys, ancestral healing, and channeling to the very grounded and actionable components like boundary setting in friendships and career. All of which had a part to play in being able to manifest this miraculous baby inside me right now.

Of course, I also saved a chunk of time to delve into some of the questions you sent in. So stay tuned until the end to hear about beating nausea in the first trimester, how I’m getting my caffeine fix, and all things baby!

In other news, The Celestial Diet and Lifestyle is back. I can’t wait to embark on round #2 with you all. This lifestyle has been one of the foundations of my awakening and so many of the tools I talk about in the episode are included in the program. Head to for more info!

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