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Episode #245

Dr. Bruce Greyson: Near-Death Experiences & Life After Death with MD & Leading Researcher of NDE’s

Otherworldly themes of the afterlife and spirit guides are common ground for TBB. However, this episode is unique because it grounds a very spiritual, somewhat “woo-woo” topic through a scientific lens. Dr. Bruce Greyson is one of the leading experts on near-death experiences (NDEs), a professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at The University of Virginia, and the author of After, an exploration of the nature of life, death, and the continuity of consciousness.

Like many, Dr. Bruce Greyson was a complete skeptic of anything outside the 3D realm when he graduated from medical school. So much so that he brushed aside his first encounter with a patient who had an NDE five years after the incident.

Since that life-altering moment, he has spent more than 45 years researching near-death experiences, exploring the “why,” “how,” and meaning behind these transformational moments that refuse to be rationalized or boxed into our current understanding of human existence, life, and death.

This episode decodes some of Dr. Greyson’s most memorable research, detailing the wildest parallels between people’s experiences, the concept of unity consciousness, and why the idea of “do unto others as you would have done unto you” is an undeniable truth – much like gravity or love. He also gives a behind-the-scenes look at some of the latest research connecting plant-medicine experience with NDEs, the lingering after-effects of an NDE, and how someone can integrate an out-of-body experience into “normal life.”

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