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Episode #246

Millana Snow: Energy Work, Healing, Shape Shifting & Building a Conscious Brand

This is such a special episode with the one and only Millana Snow: energy healer, founder of Wellness Official, breathwork facilitator, winner of Project Runway back in the day (!!), and all-around goddess. 

Millana reveals how she first expressed her spiritual gifts with her grandmother, at the tender age of four, through astro-travel and meditation. As she moved from state to state throughout her childhood, she would explore different spiritual modalities along the way. However, it would be in New York where everything came to fruition. There, she began collaborating with Source to manifest winning Project Runway, becoming the host of her award-winning travel show, The Vagabond Project, and starting her own wellness brand! Finding community and spiritual expanders helped her gain the confidence to come out of the spiritual closet and step into her purpose as a healer. The rest, as they say, is history!

Millana’s unique blend of innate gifts has helped thousands on their personal soul-searching journey. She helps people become their own healers, and the results literally show up on their faces as they shed shadow shame and connect with their own inner light (hello, shapeshifting)!

This episode lifts the veil on all things woo-woo that you’ve been dying – or even feared – to ask, and shows that everyone has gifts that deserve to be cultivated and expressed through self-care, discovery, and belief in your beauty and power. 

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