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Episode #248

Kimberly Snyder: Plant-Based Pregnancy, Vegan Babies, Deep Spirituality & Motherhood

Kimberly Snyder is the complete embodiment of her “four cornerstones of true beauty”: food, body, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. As a vegan mama, wellness entrepreneur, OG celeb nutritionist, and bestselling author, she’s been a guiding force for Jordan during her years of blogging and now in her plant-based pregnancy journey.  

Kimberly has had two plant-based pregnancies and has dedicated her entire career to empowering people with abundant nutrition and a peaceful mindset, so this episode is filled with so much helpful advice on how to increase protein intake, get the right prenatal supplements, and source organic milk formulas. Plus, she walks us through the practical ways to approach your doctor with a conscious, vegan eating plan that could go against ¨traditional” pregnancy diet routes but is no less nutritionally balanced – delicious! Like Jordan, Kimberly agrees that eating goes beyond food itself and comes down to the energetic connection we have to our bodies and ourselves to be clear channels. 

Kimberly gives full permission to be the mother YOU were meant to be. There are no “good” or “bad” ways to carry a child, birth a baby, or be a mom. She blends the best of holistic and western medicine practices because the connection to spirit transcends any 3D labels society puts on us. Her birth story is a beautiful example of releasing control and other people’s expectations to focus on the journey of motherhood without obsessing over the birth. Her C-sections took her to where she is now: a glowing boy mama with two healthy, happy sons running around the woods, as alive and compassionate as could possibly be. What an inspiration for all! 

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