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Episode #259

Kristen Schwartz: All Things Empaths, Boundaries, HSPs, Healing & More with @RealizedEmpath!

This week’s guest, Kristen Schwartz from @realizedempath, guides empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP’s) with tools to feel safe, secure, and seen in an overstimulated world that often deems sensitivity as a weakness. You guys know how I feel about sensitivity — it is actually a superpower! And we get into that in this conversation.

Kristen has created a beautiful platform that articulates what so many of us feel but perhaps have not found the words to express. The good news is that we are not alone! There are so many empaths and highly sensitive people in the world, and this personality type is often linked to deep intuition and those who are seers, psychics, creatives, healers, coaches, and beyond. Kristen outlines a roadmap that allows us to clear out the emotional debris, own your truth and harness your sensitivity as a superpower.

Kristen has been there. Six years ago, a dark night of the soul pushed her edge. She went inward, strengthened her internal trust muscle, set strict boundaries, and transcended from tragedy to triumph. Now she’s a shining light for others and has birthed her first book: The Healed Empath.

Her blend of psychology, science, and a dash of magic is guaranteed to inspire you to create space in your life for better boundaries, energy protection, and the emotional freedom to shine as YOU!

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