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Episode #172

ft. MaryAnn DiMarco: Psychic Medium Magic, Tapping Into Your Intuition, & How Psychic We All Are

Today we are diving deep once again with psychic medium MaryAnn DiMarco! We talk about mediumship — she does some channeling for Jordan here on the show — and psychic intuition. Jordan has so many questions for MaryAnn about what happens to our souls when we pass away, how we tap into our psychic nature, and how do we find ourselves to be intuitive and with more depth.

MaryAnn’s friend Wayne (also a psychic medium) joined her, and he chimes in on the show and verifies some of what she picked up. This is a fun episode all around packed with wisdom, and you are going to love it. You can check out MaryAnn’s first book Believe, Ask, Act to learn more about her story.

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