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Episode #173

SOLO: My Spiritual Journey, Psychedelics, Channeling the Pleiadians, Opening Up Intuitively, & Healing

Jordan is back with another solo episode to talk all about her spiritual journey! She has talked about this topic in the past, but so much has happened since then, it was time for an update. Jordan recently wrote about on her blog about her psychic awakening and spiritual experiences, and ever since then, she has been getting questions asking her to dive in deeper!

Jordan is feeling healthy as far as her Lyme disease goes — there’s still a long way to go — but she feels as if she’s reaching new milestones. A lot of that has been treatment plans from her doctor, but today we’re focusing on the spiritual side of it! In addition to that, she answers your questions about the Pleiadians, angels, ancestors, spirit guides, healing, and microdosing mushrooms. Jordan knows that she was meant to go deep with these experiences so she could share the experiences with you — you guys are ready for it.

If Jordan’s story is completely new to you, be sure to check out the episodes linked below to get caught up!


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